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Well as some of you know I have been in a new position since end of March. I am looking for feedback my manager has asked me to share my calendar via outlook with full view. Has anyone heard of such or why aside from micromanaging?

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I am not quite sure of your new position, but it is very common at my facility to share full detail calendars with supervisors and co-workers. For me, it is an easy glance to see when my supervisor is available to meet and the same vice versa. Let's face it, most of our days are filled with never ending meetings anyway.

I hope this helps!

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Our calendars are not full view. We can set up meetings and can see if someone else has another meeting, but it doesn't say what it is.

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Those of us on the same team share our calendars. My boss and other educator have full view of each other's calendars. It helps with knowing who is where and if something comes up that needs immediate attention, who would be best to interrupt. It also helps to see when we can schedule meetings as a team- calendar might not show as blocked but prior meeting was at one of our other buildings so we need to allow time for travel and things like that.

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OP: Asking to share your calendar is not a form of micromanaging. As the above have mentioned, there are many reasons for people in your immediate work place to have a need to know when you are and are not available. On the other hand, if your manager starts judging how you use your time by cancelling meetings and accepting meetings on your behalf without your prior knowledge or decides to take away responsibilities and give you different responsibilities because he/she is now managing your time while at work, then those acts are a form of micromanaging.

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