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CA RN's and NCLEX result- license posting on Breeze help!


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I'm in California and took NCLEX yesterday. I have an interim permit and I just checked the CA BON/BRN (Breeze) website and saw a new line item (second one) listed with my name. My name was already listed as having a permit, and now it's listed again and says Registered Nurse. However, for the new line item as Registered Nurse it says status: cancelled. No effective dates are listed. For those in California, and/or with permits and getting their license - do you know what this means? Do you think the BON/BRN still updating my status or did I fail? Would my name appear like this if I failed - not sure what I'd see on the Breeze website or receive if I passed or failed??

I appreciate any input from Californians and permit/license holders as to the result or what I should be looking for in "passing" or "failing" NCLEX.

Thank you! :)

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Two things: check your inbox. It's full. Also watch the status of your IP. Once they cancel your IP, that means they're definitely actively updating your file. Within an hour of that you should know if you're licensed or not. What they may have done is simply set up your file so that it'll update correctly later.

When my license was created, they canceled my IP and about 15-20 minutes later the update showed my RN license number. I'd checked about 2-3 hours before that happened and the file looked the same as it had for weeks.

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Thanks so much for your reply. I did delete my inbox - don't know why it's showing as full. I'm still a little confused about what to expect. If I failed NCLEX, would the BON/Breeze have added that line item today - with my name and "cancelled"? I would think if you fail NCLEX - your name wouldn't be posted at all on Breeze for all to see as your not a registered nurse? For two hours, the new line item created saying "Registered Nurse" still has the status of "cancelled". My Interim Permit is still active and the information/dates the same. It seems backwards from how yours was updated. Do you think I passed or ? Not sure what folks see/receive in passing or failing NCLEX in California/Breeze website?

Many thanks again!! Feel free to PM me too - my inbox is empty.

Just to confirm: if my license number is on Breeze with my name across from it.... that means I am officially an RN?!

Did anyone ever figure out what this meant?

Hey guys!!! Did you guys figured out what happened?

I am on the same boat!!! Thanks in advanced!!!

Hi Fcat, from what I gather your IP gets canceled when you take the NCLEX, regardless of whether or not you passed. In my case, the second line indicating my IP had been canceled showed up within about a day but because I took the exam on a Friday, I didn't see my RN license posted until the following Tuesday. You can try the "trick" everyone talks about. I don't know how fool-proof it is but it worked for me. It's gonna be an agonizing wait but try to take your mind off of it! Don't drive yourself nuts! Good luck!

Hi.... How long the breeze system will show up the result after the exam ???? Do you know ??


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I am in the same boat, I passed NCLEX_RN in 2013, and in 2018 I got my ssn, so my file was abandoned, the board requested to create new file with new application, so I applied through Breeze in April, and sent all the required forms, today when i checked my account on breeze, the status of my exam application and interm permit changed from "open" to "cancelled". Any body has an explanation? I am really worry about my license. Please advise me....

Thanks in advance

I'm experiencing the same! What happened? Did you get your license?? Please reply. Thank you!!