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Please keep us updated! I have a cousin who works as an RN in California, she has close to 20 years of experience but has only been working for a couple of years in California. She says she makes about $100,000 a year in L &D at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Anaheim, I believe, and I know she rarely works OT. I had a hard time believing her, but she's not one to brag. It's definitely sparked my interest as something to do in the the future, like you said, to work for a few years and save.


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I like the Sacramento or Modesto areas. How long have you been a nurse? I think it is the way to go! I am in S. Louisiana.....u?

Have you been offered a staff job?


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As a nurse with experience here in SoCal it's the norm to at least make over 100,000/year. Cost of living is quite expensive if you live here in L.A so 100G's is the average salary for a nurse with experience.


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how was the modesto area? i just got a job offer at Doctors Hospital in the ICU. i'm 24 so do you think the hospital is great/the area is nice for someone my age? it will be my frist travel assignment! also the pay was quoted 1500/week that was with full stipend ... is that good?

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