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I am currently filling out my application form for California BON and boy am i stumped at the first page alone! My problem is i went to 2 different schools to finish my nursing degree, 1 school was just for a year and the other until i graduated from the program. In the first page it asks me to write the name and address of my school and so it goes. How will i do it? Should i print another 1st page and fill it up with my other school or should i just attach a page where im going to write about my other schools information? Or better yet could you help me out in filling out my application when i went to 2 different schools. And another thing, could you also explain how the nursing program verification should be answered. I would really appreciate the help you could render, im not being lazy or anything its's just, application alone takes time and costs a lot and i just want to be sure to avoid delays. Thanks!


Save the sermons, i am well aware of the retrogression and 3 year policy of Cali.:lol2:

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I think you will find there are a few threads discussing this and if I remember rightly your transcripts from first school should also listed by your second school when they complete your forms

Maybe a sermon but if you are aware of retrogression and the 3 year policy why are you still going the Ca route?

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I am moving this thread to the International Forum since it has nothing to do with working in the Philippines.

And as Anna has mentioned, since you are aware that the application/file is going to be destroyed three years after you pass the exam, why do you want to even go this route? It is not going to benefit you in any way at all, even if it is your goal to work in CA. Makes more sense to go thru another state that will not destroy the file and perhaps even issue a license and then endorse to CA when the time comes that you can actually legally work here.

We are only asking since it makes no sense to us. You will be throwing out $200 that will not be able to be used any place else.

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Title also edited since there is no application for the NCLEX exam, you are actually applying for licensure as an RN.

Thank you both for the reply. But still my question stands. To Suzzane, what state would you suggest?

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Did you attend two different nursing schools? If so attach the one you graduated from. The BON does not care about other degrees.

As far as what state I would apply to the state where you are going to live. Since you are applying to CA I am assuming that is where you are going to live.

California has furloughed its state workers

From AP;

Calif. union OKs deal that would halve furloughs

By DON THOMPSON – 1 day ago

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California's largest state employee union reached a tentative agreement Saturday with the Schwarzenegger administration on a contract that would cut the number of days its workers are furloughed to one a month.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had ordered more than 200,000 state workers to take off the first and third Friday of each month without pay to help deal with the state's cash shortage. The order went into effect last week.

No sermon just information that the BON is working on 10% less time to process applications. SInce IEN applications are more time consuming I am guessing that they would be low priority.

Even though there is retrogression in the US, there is also a HIRING FREEZE IN MOST HOSPITALS....therefore they're not hiring...maybe in 3 years it will change, but as of now, doesn't look promising for foreign grads....your best bet is to stay put and gain experience.

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Thank you both for the reply. But still my question stands. To Suzzane, what state would you suggest?

I highly recommend that you take the time to do some reading on this site. Much has actually been written on this very topic.


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This gets rehashed so often. Honestly I would like to see CA put a freeze on accepting NCLEX applications from outside the USA since they already have more international NCLEX-RN passers waiting on licenses than will EVER be able to work in the state.

What state should you apply? The state that you intend on living and working.

The USA is not like most other countries where you can move about easily. Each state has its own set of laws, regulations, codes, etc. Even as a private citizen it is a lot of effort to relocate from one state to another, let alone a healthcare worker.

Understand that even if you apply to one state, pass NCLEX and receive your license that you still have to meet the requirements of the next state you intend on going to so that means that you'll be in the USA, trying to get documents from the Philippines to fill in additional requirements for the other state's board of nursing. As if that isn't enough of a headache you will still have to pay a lot more money for your endorsement!

Don't rush through it, really research the USA and pick a state that you like as a residence and a good place for you to practice nursing THEN apply. Don't look at how hard the form is or how many requirements a state may have. That is alltogether the WRONG WAY to go about it.

I'm here in the Philippines and I've councilled many nurses who are making very serious mistakes in the quest toward becoming a USRN. The #1 mistake is applying to the wrong state for the wrong reasons.

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CA accepts applications for licensure, there is no such thing as an application for the NCLEX exam. It is only one step in the licensing process.


Going for licensure in CA also does not make one a US RN. They will not issue a license withhout a SSN#, and passing the exam does not automatically make one a US RN.

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