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I am almost ready to register for my NCLEX, but I just moved suddenly. I sent them my letter to change the address. But how do I know if they processed it? I want to send in my registration paper and receive my ATT. Thanks in advance!

U have to call them to confirm. I put a change of address in and they still sent it to my old address.

Luckily, my postman knew I had moved and forwarded it to my address. Call them to be sure!

I would recommend emailing them too. They would not renew my license because they said I had a name or address change which I needed to officially update with them. Neither was true, so I called them to tell them my name and address had not changed. Trying to rectify this over the phone was fruitless (multiple attempts). I emailed them for assist, and they asked for my address and gave me a form to fill in for a name change. I emailed back with my present address, and within 48 hrs, my license was renewed. So I would recommended contacting them by email to give them your present address..

Thank you both! Will do.

IM KIND OF IN THE SAME BOAT. and am a little stressed about this whole situation. If anyone has answers please please please let me know! thank you!

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