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Hi everyone,

I had a question regarding nurses on probation in CA. Unfortunately I made a terrible decision and received a DUI. I will spare my sob story and the background information. I am forever sorry and will live with this mistake the rest of my life.

My question though is CA is not my original license and I am licensed in a few other states. I know about disclosing the conviction etc to every state; but my question is am I guaranteed to have restrictions for every state? If I want to relocate what will happen with California? I cannot surrender my license here as that will lead to being on the ineligible healthcare provider list everywhere. I have no criminal background besides this mistake. I would like to move on from this any not spend the next 3+ years with restrictions and the demands that will be placed by the BRN in CA. My immediate family is not here and I was not planning on staying here long term but now I feel stuck. If I start the probation and move does my license get revoked here? Will my original state and any other state place restrictions on my license as well?

I read on the Washington BOH website in an article they published that lists most common criminal convictions and what that would mean for licensure there (unrestricted, sanctions, denial) and it states a first offense DUI that was between 0-3 years ago will result in an unrestricted license with no action taken. Are there any other states that have similar guidelines to this issue? My home state does not lay it out like that and it appears they treat everything (besides a specified list that will always be denial) on a case by case basis.

Any other nurses that relocated from CA have similar stories? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I could be wrong, and I hope I am, for your sake, but, I believe you will have to face some type of "probation/restriction" on your license regardless of the state.

I know in a good many states, they have the confidential programs for nurses, that once completed, will leave no mark on your license. I believe those are for nurses who self report, but it could also be for first time "offenders".

Good luck to you and I hope things work out so that you may not have to do the monitoring. Please take care of yourself and know that you are not alone (we are here to vent to) and that you are human, and mistakes happen.


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I don't think voluntarily surrendering your license in CA will make you ineligible for keeping your license in other states....

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If you start the probation and move, you'll still have to do the probation - one way or another. And you might end up opening a nasty can of worms in the next state. You'll want to check with a lawyer and the board(s) of the other states. I know you say you feel stuck, but make sure you have all the relevant info before you move on.

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If you can, I would definitely hire an attorney well versed in nursing boards, to help you navigate these waters!

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