By the time I am 30 years old =(

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I have everything planned to get into nursing school, I finished high school but I failed many things that had to do with reading, mostly because I could not keep up with the class....

On a test on reading comprehension, they give 2-3 paragraph stories and then you have to answer questions from the story, I have to re-read the short story about 5 times!!! Or read each sentence in that story over and over and over!!!!!!! Then when I look at the questions I reread the story again!!!! I always have had this problem. I can look at the problems first and then skim through the story but I still can't figure out the answer!!! Then when reading directions it takes me 3 times to understand it...also I am always the last person to finish a test, my friends get an A in that section and they read it once and answer all the questions...... I will fail timed tests... I always get embarrassed also, because everyone was finished with a test which has to do with reading comprehension and they finished it 45min before me... The teacher waits until I'm done, and sometimes they get mad at me because they think I'm not doing my test.... I hate this so much and my mom even says she always had this kind of reading problem.. My dad can read 3 paragraphs and tell me everything he just read.. When I read a sentence slowly I still don't know what the hell I read..

Will I fail nursing school because of this???? Or college, cause I have to take 4-5 classes each semester!!!

I can't do anything if I can't read good.... All of you will tell me I need to find another thing I want to do but I don't want to work at walmart or a 35k a year job. All jobs that pay good require study and note taking!!!

I'd say high tail yourself to your school's office for learning disabilities. You wrote this entry here so it's obvious you are not illiterate. You seems very well thought out and plenty intelligent enough to pursue college. There just seems to be a problem with how your brain processes written language. Sounds like a reading disorder and there are lots of ways to help with that. Get tested and go from there.

Good luck.

I agree. I don't think that you can't attend college and succeed because you struggle with reading-comprehension. Maybe there's some form of dyslexia that you're struggling with or attention deficit disorder. Contrary to what you may think, the fact that you WANT to do something about this issue (it's not a problem if you don't let it be) let's me know that you'll be fine. Definitely get some testing done somehow - if you're in college talk to an advisor and they should point you in the right direction.

Best wishes!:redbeathe

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Heck yeah! agree w/ redessa, n I say to don't ever worry about how u compare to others, figure out what works for YOU n only YOU, screw everyone else, they're not YOU. Get some assistance n don't let your hardship predict your future. Might be harder but where's the fun in easy? I should know, I was a crap student in high school, & unfortunately because of that, my future was already predicted. No suppport whatsoever, n nobody ever bothered to see why I didn't "compare" to other students or even to family members. They were convinced I should settle for beauty school.

For a while even I was convinced. ****** me off. So with no support, I figured out that I don't learn like "others", I'm NOT "others". I knew what I wanted (Nursing) n went for it the way only I knew how. Fastforward to now....In a family where It was predicted I'd be the one to never get a degree, I was the first and only to get my degree with goog GPA n no repeats.Talk about booya B*****s! N I ain't stoppin anytime soon baby!

One inspiring interview I saw that I'll never forget was of a man with Downs Syndrome who wound up becoming a teacher. No bull. ( can't remember his name tho ill c if I can find it n post it later) His case was a less severe form of downs, but he managed to get his teaching license. As if that was not enough, he was struggling to keep a job because ignorant parents didn't believe he was qualified to teach due to his appearance alone, (cuz he does have the typical downs appearence), even though you could wave his credentials and license in front of their noses which by tha way were shoved up each n everyone of their a***s! So girl if he can do it what's our excuse? If its something u really want to do, nothing's stopping you but yourself. So do what you gotta do.

Thanks everyone that was very helpful. I will probably be 30 by the time I graduate but I will do what I gotta do, but I wish I were like you, 25 and a nurse!

Thanks so much, you guys don't know how much better I feel. I am a guy btw not girl lol

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Oh now come on girl; I didn't go to college until I was 36, graduated at 41 and have been working since. You are making an ASSumption thinking that all the people writing on this forum are in their early 20's. I am what is know as a late bloomer due to a bad marriage........anyway

If I had to venture a guess I would say the average age of a person on this forum is around 34 . Anyway you got lots of time. Go get tested. Make an appt. with a neuropsychologist (that's the one to see to Dx brain/memory concerns).

You are young and have time to fix or learn how to deal with this. Deal with it now. Good luck.

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Cerda, I have had the same problem since I was kid. I have always had problems with reading comprehension. It's not that I don't understand what I'm reading, it just doesn't sink in. Here's something that I have learned to the end of every paragraph, stop for a minute, think about that paragraph that you read and form a visual. The more you do this, the easier that picture will come so that soon you will have a visual mental picture with every sentence you read. Yes, I still have to go back and re-read. Yes, I sometimes still need to read the questions a couple times, but if I have a visual in my head it sticks longer.

Now, secondly, if it takes you longer to do tests....ummmm so what? You are given X amount of time to do a test you are entitled to take all the time you need. If your friends or teachers have a problem with this, its not of their business. However, if you want to tell them something, just tell them you were going back over your answers, that what took so long.

Thirdly, you CAN do this. Like I said, I've had the same problem since I was a kid and I maintained a 4.0 through college. Granted, I went back to school at 38 and just graduated last may at the age of 41, but if I can do it, you can do it. Stay positive and dont worry about what others think, worry about YOU

Almost all schools make exceptions for students diagnosed with learning disabilities. If you get diagnosed, nursing schools will probably extend your testing time limit.

YEs,I would say to go to the schools learning disabilities dept.I used to have trouble with the lighting in my classes and Migraines so they had a special area with different lighting for me to take tests when needed.I used to see tutors in there working with other students with hearing aids ect...they can be very helpful..check them out and good luck!!!!!

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Cerda, I have the same problem! I have struggled with reading comprehension my whole life. Ironically, I graduated with honors not once but twice. I started working on my Master's degree, primarily online. I have struggled. I started reflecting back on what the difference was. For both of my undergrad degrees, I sat in a classroom (lectures) and had clinicals. I am an auditory learner big time!! I do not get the verbal stimuli online. I still thought I was just being lazy and needed to apply myself better. My PCP sent me for ADD testing. Guess what??!! I have ADD with tests indicating I learn best through visual and auditory means (but only if it is something that has my attention at that moment in time; I am easily distracted; now my husband knows why I only remember 1/2 of what he tells me :D). I can recall multiple instances of when I was younger and struggled in grade school and high school. As I reflect back, the courses I struggled in were the ones I had to sit and read. Couldn't do it. I am not implying you have ADD but. . .it may be something to consider. I took a ton of tests before it was officially decided that, yes, I have ADD.

I would take redessa's suggestion and get tested for learning disabilities.

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First of all, is English your first language? Regardless if it is or isn't, I believe you need to read more. You need to read a lot more. While you're reading you need to look up words you don't know and use them in a sentence. A runner never wins a race by only running when he or she needs to. Another thing you need to consider is your ability to understand English grammar. I struggled with the subject of reading and writing for many years during my childhood. It wasn't until I relearned the rules of grammar did I begin to retain information. Let me leave you with some questions. What's a demonstrative? Think of an example. What's a preposition? Think of an example. What's an adverb? Think of an example. In a sentence what's the subject? What's the predicate?

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You've received great advice so far, I just want to emphasize, don't look at your age. The beauty about college is you are among all ages, especially now since a lot of people are taking the opportunity to go back.

There are many people with all kinds of learning disorders who are successful in life.

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