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Business As Wellness,Weight loss or RN Health Coach?

by dna_nurse dna_nurse (Member)

Ive been hearing a lot of talk about RNs working as wellness coaches, helping people to lose weight, stop smoking, fight disease, etc.

Has anybody heard about this as well?

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FuturisticLadee, LPN

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Hi dna_nurse:-) You don't have to be a RN to become a health coach. I'm a LPN currently in a program to become a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Being a member a the healthcare field isn't a requirement and one can actually become a wellness coach without the certification as well. Hope this is helpful.


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FuturisticLadee do you like the program at IIN??

FuturisticLadee, LPN

Specializes in LTC/Rehab, Private Duty Nursing. Has 8 years experience.

Yes I love it, gives me a chance to work full time and still have lots of free time. The app on my phone also available for an iPad, contains convenient lectures with some that are video which helps me being that I'm a visual learner. Very doable coursework and grad requirements, one year program, and payment plan available to get started right away.

FuturisticLadee, LPN

Specializes in LTC/Rehab, Private Duty Nursing. Has 8 years experience.

Hi, I tried to respond to the last PM, but it appears that it didn't send. Will you PM me your email address?

FrutrulisticLadee, LPN would you private message me as well? I was considering this health coaching and just want to know how do you get your clients where do they come from? Who is going to pay for such services? I get free coaching through my health insurance company Cigna, of course I pay premiums for insurance. Thank you I appreciate information about the program you are in.

@Oddobox, have you tried the Health Coach business yet?

NoI am just weighing my options to determine if you could actually make a real living as a Health Coach full-time or even just part time. I mean how do you get or market your services where clients are willing to pay for them? I have health coach from Cigna free through my health insurance so I wonder, who would actually pay for these services.

Yes, I wI'll continue to do more research because the need for better health is needed in my community. The holistic route sounds great.

If nurses are looking for a business to open, how about opening a Medical Supply Company/Store?

It would take some capitol, but you can get a Small Business Loan.

Not sure how to start/open, a business, call the Small Business Association. They are happy to give advice about opening business, and can point you in the right direction for many things.

Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN (ret)

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Oddobox Coaching is a very lucrative option as people want individualized attention. There are Parent Coaches, Sleep Coaches and more! Yes people will pay for a personal health coach that is separate from insurance companies. Take entrepreneurs, many are very health conscience yet they are often on their own in terms of figuring insurance out...they may not be connected to s Cigna like coach. It's about positioning as well. A good Certification will provide you with marketing and business development support as well...at least that is my opinion. It would be the ethical thing to ensure you can make use of their certification.