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And why?

The last 8 years under our current (impeached) president has in my opinion helped to bring healthcare to it's knees (not to mention certain interns in the oral-oops!, I mean oval office).

So, which guy do you think is better for NURSING(not necessarily healthcare) and why?


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Nursedude, thanks for presenting this topic here. Actually I support neither...I really like Nader. I know he's not the most eloquent speaker, to say the least, but I really feel that he has the best track record and has nurses' best interest at heart.



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I don't know who would be better. I have heard that Gore is a much bigger spender, which may or may not be good for health care. I think Bush is ok, but I don't know what privatizing medicare will do for America (look what HMO's have done) What I do know is that we heard big promises from democrats for 8 years to get a national health plan, among other things. Nothing happened. I have also heard that our economy would have prospered no matter who was in office these last 8 years. In response to the nursing specific question, no one has mentioned nursing that I have ever heard.

Nursedude.... Working in the National Health Service here in the UK, this was a fantastic organization but we had a Conservative Government in power (Mrs Bloody Thatcher)and I believe she ruined it !!! Possesing similar views to your Republicans !! I think smile.gif I have worked in the NHS for 22 yrs and have witnessed all the destruction, OK there were things that needed to be changed but Privatisation has destroyed the ethos of "free Health care for all from cradle to grave" We now have Mr Blair-New Labour.. but there has been too much destruction to ever repair.. things tend to go down hill rapidly when privatization creeps in... Ya can't Nurse people like ya run a Supermarket and The Great UK has proved this !! The saying "if the food is good, it will sell the shop - not the shop selling the food" should be the maxim in health care. Money should never come before life, but sadly in this ever changing "greedy" world it does frown.gif

So beware


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GWB is not the world's most healthcare-conscious candidate, but his rival has indicated that he is willing to do to health care what has already been done to everything else the government touches: ruin it. Anyone else out there drowning in gov't-mandated paperwork that makes caring for patients harder? Anyone else seen some of what the VA system does to people who have seen enough misery already? I am happy when regulations really do benefit the patient/resident, but we are already wasting more time and money on peripherals than we ought to be; when any candidate wants to ratchet up big brother, then that candidate ought to get a thorough rectal exam. Generally speaking, the patient is not what you will find there.

Micro-management is bad enough at the hospital level... adding more regs and mandates at the city, county, state and (especially) federal levels is not my idea of improvement, but it IS Albert Gore Jr.'s.

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