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Burn Out?


Curious to know if anyone experiences OR burn out and has even considered leaving the OR to try another area of nursing?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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I burned out in one position. Simply switching to another specialty that has a bit slower pace has helped. At one point I was considering leaving nursing completely.


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I worked on the floor before going to the OR, as bad as the OR can get,

the floor can get worse......

I went straight into the OR from nursing school. LOVED IT... for awhile, then decided I wanted to do anesthesia. So I went to the CCU. OMG, HATED IT. I made it 8 out of the required 1 year minimum for school. Every rough night I had, I'd threaten to go back to the OR. Some places are worse than others, like anything else ... but I love the OR. I've worked in several facilities, they are NOT created equal. I'm about to embark on an OR travel nursing adventure .. can't wait! I love the fast pace and the change!

GadgetRN71, ASN, RN

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Sometimes a change of specialty or facility does the trick..


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I have always wanted to work in the OR from the day I found out I was going to observe one day while in clinicals. Now that I've been in the OR for a few years, I haven't changed my mind one bit. I'm actually suffering from some serious burn out right now, but it's only a part of my OR experience. I could never leave the OR for a position on the floor. If I do end up leaving my OR, it'll be for another OR job. Switching specialties would be a great way to help with some of those negative feelings. Just like with all of the different fields of nursing, the OR has so many different areas to go into if you're tired of the monotony.

I felt that way and decided to go to np school. Now I'm somehow ok, but I'm still going to NP school


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I answered once before, but am now seriously considering Home Health or Hospice. Still no interest in working a floor job.

I don't blame you Sandra... as one who's there, I know exactly why CVRN you're considering homehealth


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I got burnt out about 18 months ago. I decided to make some changes. I wanted to see more of the country and of my family so I deciided to move to a primary vacation sport spot(snowboarding) and work there. First I wanted to make sure I could adapt quickly so I moved from my workplace of 10 years to a bigger computerized facility in san antonio. I did cvor for a year and was a coordinator and dept manager. I adapted well and quickly. Next I picked a spot that had a hospital and lift service in town... Vail was the obvious choice. I have been here 4 months and am enjoying the life, can't wait till the snow falls and the lifts open. My wife and son are loving it too. Im homescholing him and seeing how much they didn't teach him in classes @ public school. We will be able to snowboard everyday this winter until noon before I go to work @ 3. Sometimes change is a refreshing piece of life.