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I apologize to start if this comes off ignorant and/or rude. I will be graduating with a BSN w/in the next year from a school in Chicago,Illinois. I have to relocate to Florida soon after. I'm not really looking for advice on job opportunities (I've seen on other threads that finding a job sucks out there). However, I have no choice but to leave my potential 25-30 dollar an hour job out here in Chicago and move to Florida asap. I just want to know how much y'all new grads are getting paid out there and what specific area you're in. Thanks to all you can reply!

Also, if there are any recent movers to Florida, how was the state's test to apply for the Florida license?


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I am a new grad from NC and I applied and finally received my Florida license. The process isn't bad, just costly (around 300-350 if I remember correctly) and the CE class is easy. The biggest pain of it all is the fingerprints because the only accept livescan. If you have any questions on the process, just ask! I've been applying to mainly southern Florida as my husband got a job in Miami and I have yet to have any luck but I'm hoping some new grad programs will start to open up due to the upcoming December graduation.

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Based on my research and info I get from nurses and other new grads where I work at in the hospital as a PCT (I'm a BSN waiting to take nclex) in central florida generally you will be looking at $22/hr average as a new grad BSN. Some have shift differentials for nights and weekends. Some areas go up to $25/hr. Granted the cost of living is way lower than Chicago, so it's not a bad starting pay. My previous job I earned $18/hr and that was adequate to pay bills etc and I got a family of 4. It just depends on your own standard of living.

I would say the cost of living in Orlando, Tampa and Miami (especially Miami) is equal to or greater than Chicago. Costs in Orlando have skyrocketed recently. So, I wouldn't tell OP that the lower hourly rate will be ok due to a lower cost of living.

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like i said we all choose our lifestyle, hence our own cost of living. Anyone would be wise to stay just outside the major metro areas in any State due to costs. eg lots of people choose commute from Deland or Deltona instead of living in Orlando. To each their own.

Ft lauderdale 23$/hr base


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Miami - Speciality $26/hr base

Thank u everyone. I plan to live in spring hill fl about 45mins north of Tampa. From what I find on trulia, house are so cheap there and I'm hoping that speaks to the overall cost of living as well on that area. Thanks again, I feel a little better making this move.