BSN male nursing student.. changing majors?


Hi all. I'm a 19 year old male nursing student currently on the cusp of changing majors.

I went into nursing because I got a full ride with a good university, because I wanted to challenge myself coming out of high school, because of the pay and because my entire family is embedded in the hospital system as RNs, LVNS, charge nurses... etcs. However, after a short while in my second, I quickly realized the demands this career had for me. I am not a people person. I care about people a lot, but talking to new people is something I do not excel in. In a career that requires a mastery over communication between yourself, your patient and your peers, I have seen it to be a core skill of a good nurse.

I have also begun to see myself start to develop a bit of an ego... and it something I have only noticed recently. I don't want that to become me, but I feel its necessary in order to get by in school! This is suprisingly because I have always been fairly soft-spoken and did my best to be humble. People have been quick to point out I was even a bit shy in the past.

I really feel this career path is a complete mismatch for me. I've also heard stories from mentor peers that the clinical setting is fraught with bullying due to seniority and is very intense on its students. I feel that nursing is changing who I am as a person in way I am not comfortable with and I am beginning to see a side of nursing I never saw before (on top of struggling to talk to people too). What I want to know if all these feelings are a sign to jump ship and change majors or just to ride it out. I would probably change to health science or public health because I feel that would make me the happiest, but that's just me. I would love to hear what wisdom you all have to share with me. Thanks in advance :)

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I applaud your self-awareness. If nursing is not for you, then nursing is not for you. But honestly, a health sciences degree is fairly worthless, and public health requires a master's to make you employable. Perhaps some career counseling is in order?


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What ^ she said!


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Hi guys!

Honestly I don't have many majors open to me because I want to do my best to stay at my current university because I will be able to my scholarships/ "free ride". Also, at this point I don't care how long it takes for me to graduate as long as the end result is something I truly believe I will enjoy. But I am trying to stay in the health majors because some of my credits in the classes I already took will transfer over.

Yeah I know health science is kinda worthless by itself. I didn't know that about public health however...

I have met with my counselor and she is willing to work with me, but I need to find out my path first. I told her the things I put her and she agrees maybe nursing is not for me. She suggests maybe I could become a radialogist if I am much more comfortable with technology (which I am, in truth).

Some other health majors offered at my university are Psychology, Chemistry, Biology.

If anything, my time as a Nursing major has given newfound respect for nurses and doctors. They deal with and go through so much. I know I'm gonna try to make it easy for them when I have my check ups and what not. :)

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I also am not a people person, but I have become much more so due to nursing. This has been good for me as a person, and made my life better. I have never been bullied in nursing. If you are confident person, you can brush off or deal with bad behavior. Here's the question, do you feel good about taking care of people when they are injured or ill? If yes, then stay. If you don't care, then move on. Nursing school is challenging and stressful, but so is anything worth doing in life. The rewards are definitely worth it. Good luck.


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My advice is stay in nursing. I too didn't think I was I people person, but that slowly improved. Because I didn't want to have to be the expected communicator a nurse is required to be I worked in area like the operating room, recovery, IV therapy, the code team, and eventually the ER. My patients were asleep and by the time they woke up they were shipped out. I never had to spend more that a few hours with my patients. Don't get me wrong, I loved my job. It was very fulfilling and I grew to become a communicator. So much so I teach in front of a class of nursing students now. I wasn't meant to be a bedside nurse.


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I am old enough to be your father so I'm going to give you advice that I gave my own children. First and foremost you need to do what you yourself desire not what the family or friends want. You will never be happy trying to please someone else other than yourself. Here is the thing you enrolled and gave it a shot and it just doesn't seem like its what you want to make a career out of it. I'm not saying you wouldn't make a good nurse but sounds like it's not for you. I admire you for realizing that hey this nursing gig is just not me go find something that makes you happy. If your happy everyone else will be happy for you. Good Luck you have your whole life ahead of you!!!


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Chemistry by itself might be useful to you, as far as marketibility. If your pursing psychology and biology, you most likely need to pursue graduate degrees to get hired in that field.

computer science is also a good degree and you can double major in something health related and head towards health informatics

you can always stay in nursing and pursue other options away from bedside if your not a people person.

clinical laboratory sciences available? you would work in labs mostly.

whatever degree you get, make sure there is a market for it, lots of new grads do not get jobs right away and if they do, not in their field or where they want to be.


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Thanks to everyone for replying!

At this point, I still do not know what to pursue but I have a lot of things to remember now.

At this point, after further consultation with my academic advisor, it seems that the best route would be for me to deviate away from the health field and just convert all the units I earned in the general education science courses (anatomy, physio, chem) in the past year towards a minor in Health Science. So a different major and a minor. :)

I am a little disappointed to discover nursing wasn't for me! I remember putting on my scrubs for the first time for simulation lab and feeling so happy to have something to work towards... But you can only pretend so much before the reality and consequences of your chosen path sets in.

Nursing gave me a different perspective on my life and I will always be grateful and blessed to have experienced and learn from my time as nursing student.

Thank you all for all the advice!

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I feel that nursing is changing who I am as a person in way I am not comfortable with and I am beginning to see a side of nursing I never saw before

You have already talked yourself out of nursing so it's not going to work at this time. You are right that you have not fully developed as a person and are maturing as we speak so you can always change your mind, but, I wonder if you feel so pushed to do this nursing thing that something/ anything is better than nursing.

I am suspicious that you will come full circle and eventually decide that nursing is what you want for yourself but that will come in it's own good time.

No one here can tell you what will make you the happiest and you are not the first person to take a few detours from high school to find your way. It doesn't always have to be a struggle. I found nursing pretty easily (almost fell into it) and have actually said to my friends, "I can't believe they are paying me to do this stuff!"

All the best to you. You are smart and will do just fine.


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Good luck in whatever direction you are lead. Nursing will always be there if you change your mind again. Do the reach to find out if the career you choose is marketable and there are jobs out there ready to be filled. It's ok to take time off from school and experience life then go back to school. Good luck!