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hi everyone,

currently i'm attending at bmcc and this fall i would be graduating with an ASN degree. I hope to take my boards and obtain the BSN degree. i was wondering if anyone know what school in NYC should i go? i'm heard that i could get my bsn degree within a year? honestly the faster it is would be my choice.

thanks for reading.

janet :)

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Your best choice would be to wait until you begin work as an RN. Many hospitals will then pay for your can also do it on-line if you do not want to go the traditional route..............


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i thought about that but wondering should i just get school over with it fast. working and school is too much for me?


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DOesnt Medgar Evers have some BSN cooperative agreement with BMCC?

I'd look into their BSN program for that reason.


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The two that come to mind are Pace University and St. Francis College in Brooklyn, both have BSN programs for RN's. I'm sure there are a few more. Go to and do a search. Congradulations on the ASN degree, Your on your way !


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i'll look into that website but i didn't get my ASN degree yet but soon! hehee

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i thought about that but wondering should i just get school over with it fast. working and school is too much for me?

Why not let someone else pay for your tuition? And does it matter if you begin work and take two years to get your BSN? What is the big rush?

The job that you get when you graduate with your assocuate degree will not be any different when you first finish your BSN, especially if you do not have the experience to back it up. You have the rest of your life.................... :)

If you have two years wexperience plus your BSN, then you will be much further ahead and get a better job, but the experience is what the hospitals are looking for initially, not the degree. Remember an RN is an RN, no matter where you went for your schooling and how long that it took you to get it.

But it is your choice................ :balloons:

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Most BSN programs build on the experience you obtain as an RN. Also very few of these program that claim to give you a degree in a year are actually accurate. Unless you have credits prior to entering nursing school, you will need another 60+ credits. To me, that seems impossible in one year. While they are not of the same intensity as the ADN program, they are no-coubt time consuming. Don't rush it if you don't have to

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