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You do not have to be an RN before becoming an LPN. Some people become an LPN before RN but that Is not necessary either.


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With all your qualification, I will advice that you go for a Direct entry BSN/MSN. You can work as RN if you pass NCLEX-RN after the BSN portion and do your MSN portion full or part-time. You have the prerequisites already and even more. Look for schools that offer BSN/MSN. It usually goes for 3 years but the BSN portion is between 12-16 months. Good luck. AND there is nothing like going from RN to LPN. I have never heard about that. You can go from LPN to RN but honestly I dont think you need that with all the prerequisites that you have. It's like going backwards.

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I would like to get my LPN but am of the understanding that I have to become an RN first.

Do you mean NP not LPN?

All NPs are RNs first.

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