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Breckenridge ITT tech nursing program?


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Hello All

I am currently in my final semester of pre-reqs at Oklahoma State university and recently found out about Breckinridge school at ITT tech. There actaully have been quite a few students that have transferred to this school. Has anyone attended this program? If so, how was the entire experience? Were you well prepared for your boards? I am considering this program because the waitlist is not long and the class schedule is just three days a week which is more convienent for me as I do have a 6 month old and a 6 year old that I care for. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

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Well, I have to say that I haven't heard positive things about this school. I had considered it when I heard there was no wait list and I could get in right away. However, it's a brand new school and they're still in the process of receiving accreditation. Also, you have to consider if you're going to try to pursue further education (like MSN, Nurse Practitioner, etc.) Your ITT credits usually will not transfer anywhere else. So, you may be "stuck" at the BSN level.

Also, there was no data to view the passing rates of the N-CLEX exam for their graduates. I'd be wary of going to a school where the pass rate is low or unknown. I have also heard that the clinical experience (at least here in Michigan) isn't very good and they don't get as many hours as the community college program!

So, while it may sound like a quick way to get a BSN...be careful! It's VERY expensive, too. In fact, it's more expensive than if I got a BSN at Michigan State!

I'm not trying to bash the school, but with it being so new and with ITT having a poor record of credit acceptance at other universities...I wouldn't chance it. Especially given the expense. Just my 2 cents...