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bozeman nursing and surrounding areas


Specializes in Ortho, Plastics, Surgical, OR. Has 6 years experience.

my husband and i just got back from visiting montana and we fell in LOVE! i was wondering if anyone had any info on the hospitals in bozeman or surrounding areas? thanks:)

Yes, I understand how easy it is to fall in love with MT. My first visit to MT was in 2001 to work on a ranch and I have been going back at least once a year ever since. Eventually I hope to move west myself, either MT or WY. In the past 8 yrs I have done a ton of research on MT and WY, the job markets, real estate, best towns, etc. My understanding is that Bozeman takes care of their own first, understandably. They get many, many people who want to move to MT all the time. B/C Bozeman has a nursing school in town and few hospitals to support all those students, they get first pick of available jobs. Your best bet would be to relocate first and then start applying. You might have better luck in the northern part of the state, like Kalispell, etc. From where would you be relocating? What type of RN are you? I know most hospitals are always looking for ICU, ER and OR nurses.


Specializes in Ortho, Plastics, Surgical, OR. Has 6 years experience.

georgia. i work in the operating room and have ortho/plastics/med surg floor experience. i looked at the hospital in bozeman it appears to be nice. we are already planning a trip back out there in the summer:)

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