Boy, disgrutled nurses should find another job


Love being a nurse, my life's dream..........I work in the ED, my First choice.....Graduated in May of 09 and is very blessed to have found a job to begin with but I found a job in the ED. What a blessing.............The problem is the backstabbing, the gossipping the miserable nurses that make a work environment absolutely almost unbearable...........I cant stand it.........Cant really vent to a fellow nurse, she might run and tell everyone............Im freakin miserable.......................I stay out of the politics, but at the same time I wonder what they are saying about me, I dare not ask.......................It would be nice if the miserable nurses would just find something else to do..............HELP


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I just keep to myself and tolerate "those" nurses when I have to. I work nights which may or may not make a difference.

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The best piece of advice someone ever gave me is this: Don't worry about what other people are thinking. Their thoughts are none of YOUR business. In other words, don't waste your time trying to fix something you have no control over. People can think what they like. I"m sure if they are talking about other people, they're probably talking about you, too. So what? If you're going to let their gossiping get to you,then you're not going to last long in this field or any other. Sadly, gossip isn't the sole purview of nurses. Gossips are in every office in the country.

Don't try to make friends with co-workers. Oh, it's nice if they ARE friends, but it's not required. I find that the less involved we are in each other's non-work lives, the better we get along. You're there to do a job, professional nurse. It would be nice if they'd just sweeten up and play nice, but they won't. This is their game. Of course, you don't have to play. You can go to work, do your job, be civil, dependable and helpful and try to get along.:nurse:


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Sorry to hear that but if you love your job that all that matters you should not care what other people are saying. It's not just in nursing where people gossip it's everywhere but you just have to mind your own business and do your job. You will go crazy if you involve yourself on what they are saying. Good luck but please don't stress about this you should be lucky to have a job and people like that are everywhere you can't avoid them.


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Everything said in the previous posts gives you good advice. Don't let other people's sour attitudes and bad behavior define your workplace attitude, work behavior, or mental outlook. The person in charge of your emotions and your behavior toward your patients and your job, is you. It would be nice if your department were occupied by workers of like mind, but that is not so at this time, so make things as bearable as you can for yourself and your patients.

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I work with some people who think I'm 'cocky' I come from a 9 year EMS background and before anyone says it I know that EMS and nursing are different but the assessments and pathophysiology and some of the treatments are the same. I am very confident in what I can do, and if I can't do it, I have no problem asking. I've been tipped off a couple times by friends of mine that have said people have been saying this this and that. And ya know what I asked some of the older ICU nurses and they said ya know what I don't think you are cocky, I think you're confident in what your doing and in here you have to be confident because if you're not, you are going to miss the little things that could have saved your patients from circling the drain. Either way, I don't care what these people have to say about me. I'm confident and i know what I can do, I also choose to stay out of the BS and just come in for 12 hrs and do my job and go home. I may not like everyone i have to work with but i have to get along with them and help out, yes it is sucks, but it's something you have to learn quick. Don't sweat the BS, just do your job, I'm sure there is one person you can confide in but stil be careful because women are SUPER catty and backstabbing, I'm a murse so maybe I see things a lil differently.

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This is a management problem! This problem is alive and well in all workplaces insifde and outside of healthcare. Sooner or later, if you keep to the task, stay away from the politics and perform in a manner that results in a promotion, you may have the opportunity to manage others. When this occurs, you will have the chance to make an impact. The best Managers and Directors will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Yes, it may go "underground" but will have a much lower influence on others in the workplace who wish to enjoy their work without this wasteful aggravation.

Stay positive, do not engage in the BS, and try to influence others in a positive way. You may be able to steer others away from this sort of behavior.

Good luck to you. We need more people like you.


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When I did my clinical rotation in the ER, there were 2 nurses in the department who were exactly like the ones you described. I was so grateful for the nurses who were not like that. Whatever you do, please don't leave! They need you there. Perhaps, as the above poster said, your behavior might influence others in a good way. We all have choices in's the choice to join or stand by our principles. Perhaps the gossipers in the place are suffering from burnout. Perhaps they've developed callouses in their hearts due to all of the things they've seen and dealt with. Perhaps they are simply gossipy people. Again, don't allow your heart to be hardened, not even toward them. Continue to be a caring person. Perhaps you will have to start feeling toward your co-workers as if they were clients/patients as well. Maybe they have so many awful things going on in their lives that they are miserable. Please stay strong though. The health care profession needs more truly caring and considerate people.