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I know that this topic as been beaten to death, but I haven't seen any recent posts about this for 2013. So, I was wondering what people's thoughts were for new grad job prospects in the Boston area? I'm pretty flexible with where I start out as far as the type of nursing is concerned, so is there any hospital or area in particular that people would recommend looking? I won't actually be taking the NCLEX until early August most likely, but I am trying to prepare myself. When would you recommend starting to apply for jobs? Some people have told me to start applying in May, but would that be a waste of time since I can't take the NCLEX until early August? It's just very daunting looking ahead, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :)

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Well I'm from Massachusetts but moved away 4 years ago when I graduated for work so I don't know about the current situation...hoping to get back there in the next year or two though. About the applications though it depends on the hospital. I started applying for jobs in December of 2008 for a May 2009 graduation...and landed my job in January pending passing the NCLEX so it's certainly hospital dependent and I would start looking into it now, especially if you want to stay in the Boston area


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It is still very grim here in the Boston area unfortunately. Minimal job postings or postings that stay up for months because of hiring freezes.

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You didn't say whether you are graduating with an ADN or a BSN- that is crucial here in MA and especially in the city of Boston. Without a BSN, the odds of you finding a new grad job in Boston are pretty slim. With a BSN your chances are a little better. If you want to get a job for August, you need to be applying NOW. If you wait until you pass the NCLEX, all the new grad jobs will be long gone. When I graduated (in 2007), I applied for jobs in January, had an offer in March, graduated in May, took NCLEX in June and started working in September (by choice).

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It is not impossible but be ready to be looking for a couple of months. I graduated in May 2010, took a job in private duty in August. I had a job as a tech in a Boston hospital but they were not hiring at the time. I returned a year later and now work on a surgical floor. Start looking now, regardless of when you're taking the NCLEX.

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Network network network. It's really the only way to get a new-grad job at a major boston hospital right out of BSN. Use your clinical contacts.

If you don't have any, consider looking at LTC an LTACS facilities to gain 6-12mo experience.