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Anyone here apply to BC for January 2019 or hear about an interview yet?

Where else is everyone applying for 2019?

Hi LizBeth, i also applied to Boston college for the CRNA program, i have not heard about an interview yet! have you?? are you from boston? i applied to some schools down in miami, waiting for BC

I have not heard from Boston College yet either! Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm applying to Northeastern University and possibly St. Joe's in RI, too. I wish I could apply to schools in other areas of the country but I can't relocate. Schools are so expensive in this area.

Yes they are. I spoke to someone from the office earlier this month and they told me end of July and begin of August probably are the times for interviews! So let's see! I wonder how their interviews are and what they look most for in their applicants!

Oh, good to know about the timeline! I saw on some previous threads about BC that the interviews are pretty casual so hopefully that's true!

If you don't mind me asking how long have you been a nurse in ICU? Like stat wise!? I'm going to have about 2 years of critical care experience doing neurological and surgical + regular mes surge, scored ok on my GRE and GPA is pretty good! Hopefully my chances are good

I applied to the program as well. I haven't heard back yet. I applied to Northeastern as well.

I haven't heard anything yet either!

I also applied to BC...haven't heard anything. Looks like from last years thread they sent out interview requests 2-3 weeks after the application deadline. Good luck to everyone!

I applied as well and anxiously waiting to here something! Anyone mind sharing their stats? Good luck to everyone!

still haven't heard a response Either but patiently waiting!

Stat wise I've been working in an ICU for almost 2 years it's a surgical ICU combined with med surge and I mostly do neuroICU and cover neurosurgicalICU as well, I'm assigned as resource in my unit on some shifts and also train newer nurses! GPA undergrad 3.92 CCRN certified and GRE stats 151/153/4.0 not sure if this it good enough for them! What about you guys?

Does anyone have any insight on what the interview is like?

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