boring summer?


I was just wondering if anyone else is having the most boring summer EVER!!

I am taking microbiology and human physiology.:( And I am going nuts with boredom.

But on the up side, I'm glad to be getting them over with. And I'm only a few classes away from being able to apply for nursing school!!



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I have my last Micro test on Wednesday. Then I'll be finished with school until Aug.19. I start my 2nd yr in the nursing program. I should graduate in May 2003. I sort of miss nursing school. I enjoy researching for careplans, etc. Now I am definitely going to catch up on reading some nursing magazines that I haven't had time to look at now.

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I am in my last semester of nursing courses so hopefully this will be my last boring (and broke) summer:chuckle


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My summer is definitely not boring! Awful is more like it - I have A&P II and English Lit. I won't be done with summer classes until Aug 1st and then I start my nursing classes Aug 19th! :D


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I am so bored too. I'm not taking any classes this summer because I can't afford it, but I am saving up for Fall. I don't have a paying job either, I stay at home with my almost 2yo, and I'm going crazy for normal adult interaction. Bye-bye, mama go night-night!


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I haven't had time to be bored yet. I start nursing school in September. I am taking most of my classes while in nursing school. I am just enjoying this summer because next summer I will be up to my armpits in books! enjoy your summer everyone:)


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I haven't had time to even think about being bored! I am training at the hospital to become a CNA during the day and working my regular job in the evenings. Its kinda sad cause when we go to bed on Sunday nights, my hubby is like "see you Thursday"

All work and no play makes "A" a dull chickie.

It'll be worth it once I am working on my unit though :D


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I don't think bored is the word. I'm taking Micro and World Lit and an honors course (that one just finished) this summer and won't be done for 3 more weeks. Then I start the Nursing program mid-August.

I get scared when I'm bored -- I must be forgetting something! :chuckle


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I graduate from LPN in July and start again in August (fall semester). I'll be taking Micro, Advanced A&P, Intro to Soc and Public Speaking.

Doubt if I'll have time to be bored!

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