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Hello all,

I will be taking A&P very soon. I was wondering if you guys know any good books to "get ahead of the curve" A&P For Dummies or something in that realm I could find on amazon?

or do you guys honestly believe it's best to wait to get the text books from the institution when I start classes?

Thanks all.

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I'm a fan of the Made Incredibly Easy and Made Incredibly Visual series. Not for everything or useful for everyone, but I liked them. Read a handful of the reviews on Amazon, good, bad, and indifferent.


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Awesome Thanks Rose_Queen, checking it right now. Thanks again.

I'm not sure what type of learner you are but coloring books are wonderful. I'm in anatomy now but wish I had more time to color since it helps me learn (and is a nice alternative to book learning). Since you will be studying a lot of theory for the class, if it were me, I'd "color learn" and then worry about putting all the info into writing once in class :) I have...The Anatomy Coloring Book Paperback – April 6, 2013 by Wynn Kapit (Author), Lawrence M. Elson (Author) good luck!


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Some of the books I love regarding A&P:

Visual Analogy Guide for Human A&P by Paul Krieger. I am very visual so this is helpful. A great example is on the cover regarding your pelvis as a bat.

Kaplan has anatomy flashcards that are helpful.

Any of the A&P coloring books are nice too. My favorites are DK Publishing and Netter's.


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If you have a tablet, I have Anatomy Made Incredibly Easy app. It really breaks things down and makes more sense to me. It still is the book but broken down into tabs and I enjoy learning from it. It doesn't cover everything but gives you a good basis.


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Thanks all for the information,

and yes I do have a tablet. i will be checking that out when I get home. Thanks