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  1. 2girlsandapug

    CC to university transfer question

    Look into the specific college you wish to transfer to since it can range from 4-6 semesters. For example, SFSU 2 years, SJSU 3 years. It will all depend on the school. It shouldn't take you 4 years at the university, but never say never! If there are specific prereques needed at the university it could take you 4 years theoretically (ex. USF has 2 pre-nursing courses before starting their 3 year program). Good luck!
  2. 2girlsandapug

    How would you divide these pre-requisites up?

    Omg. I'm so sorry! Yes, it is a little different :) my advice would be the same :) take the harder classes when you sig. other is pregnant and save the easier stuff for when the baby is here :) it shouldn't impact you too much to take time off for the birth :) I personally think it'll make your life easier :) congrats! And good luck!
  3. 2girlsandapug

    How would you divide these pre-requisites up?

    Oh, Chemistry isn't a prereq to micro at some schools (like mine), so double check the prereqs for all classes!
  4. 2girlsandapug

    How would you divide these pre-requisites up?

    I would schedule based on your support once you have your child. For me, I would have rather have done the more difficult classes pregnant and subjects that are easier for me once I had my child. For me, being pregnant was way easier than having a newborn (even with lots of help). The sleepless nights and constant nursing may make your studies harder. If you are good at memorizing take psych or anthro or something like that when you're a mom and save the more difficult studies (physio) for when you're pregnant. Just my 2 cents :) I took Anatomy, Chem and developmental psych with a 6 month old, and pumping all the time, lol and it wasn't so bad :) I couldn't imagine doing that load with her being smaller. Good luck!!
  5. 2girlsandapug

    Anatomy vs Chemistry OR Anatomy & Physiology?

    I forgot to add, for our school anatomy and chem are prereques for physio.
  6. 2girlsandapug

    Anatomy vs Chemistry OR Anatomy & Physiology?

    I'm taking Anatomy and Chemistry now and it's been fine. I'm taking micro and physio next semester which should be a greater challenge...
  7. 2girlsandapug

    Future LPN student 25yo. Deadline for having a baby? Husband 27

    I waited until I had a stable career (not nursing) before having my children at 30 and 33 (husband 35 and 38).IMO if you want to ultimately be an RN then put that as priority number one. I am changing careers/returning to school and life as a student and mom to a 6 month old has been hard. I wish I had figured out I wanted to be a nurse before I had kids. If you decide to have kids first, It's totally doable, and I'm doing it but it puts a variable into your studies like nothing else :) you're still young, try not to worry about your age too much :)
  8. 2girlsandapug

    Books To Help Get Started

    I'm not sure what type of learner you are but coloring books are wonderful. I'm in anatomy now but wish I had more time to color since it helps me learn (and is a nice alternative to book learning). Since you will be studying a lot of theory for the class, if it were me, I'd "color learn" and then worry about putting all the info into writing once in class :) I have...The Anatomy Coloring Book Paperback – April 6, 2013 by Wynn Kapit (Author), Lawrence M. Elson (Author) good luck!
  9. 2girlsandapug

    Hyperemesis Gravidarum PICC line

    I lived through a situation you are describing and it's why I want to get into the nursing field :) I had a PICC line placed in the first trimester and kept it my entire pregnancy (with a zofran pump 1mg/hr, and 1L of ringers daily). I had the PICC removed the day I was discharged home with my baby. I ran into professionals that weren't fans of me keeping the PICC but my OB was comfortable with it in long term so that's what ended up happening. I was also on diclegis, nexium and phenergan (sp?). Personally, I thought the order for a PICC was the best thing that happened to me. I wish I could offer a perfesional answer to your post but I hope to one day when I'm a nurse!