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Book suggestions (entertainment not school)


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So I've just been accepted into a nursing program leaving me free until classes start in the fall. Suddenly I've got all this free time on my hands and not much to do with it. Reading some of the threads here earlier in the week I saw a couple books mentioned that sounded interesting. Kinda nursing memoirs it sounded like. Some entertaining yet somewhat nursing related books to read in the coming months before I start school sounds fun.


Pepper The Cat, BSN, RN

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Echo Heron's books are great!

Intensive Care and Critical Care in particular.

Party_of_five, BSN

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Oh Sh*t I Almost Killed You

Penelope_Pitstop, BSN, RN

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Not nursing books exactly, but Atul Gawande is a surgeon who also has a penchant for writing very engaging non-fiction involving healthcare.

Books | Atul Gawande

I haven't read the newest one, but I've read the other three and recommend all of them. (The Checklist Manifesto is bit harder to get into, though. I had to read it more than once to really enjoy it).

I did read Echo Heron's first book and I did enjoy it. I've heard things about Cherry Ames books also - they are obviously for a younger demographic but still entertaining.

As an aside, several of Maeve Binchy's books involve strong healthcare professionals, including nurses. Heart and Soul is probably the best example but because it ties together several characters who've been introduced over many books (not a series, just connected people) I wouldn't start there.