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Party_of_five has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ED.

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  1. Party_of_five

    2 years med/surg means nothing in job hunt

    Definitely reach out to the nurse managers on the units you are interested in. Use your hospitals website to figure out their names and then contact them through your work email and express interest in transferring to their unit. I guarantee you you will get an interview. Good luck!
  2. Party_of_five

    How to effectively delegate in nursing on a unit

    Delegation is hard when EVERYONE is busy. Nursing is a team sport. My advice would be to just do the best you can. Don't go hunt down a CNA to ask them to get water or ice or whatever just do it yourself. If it is their job to do VS then they should be doing them. If they aren't that sounds like a conversation that needs to be happening. If you are worried about a pt and want to check vitals do it yourself. Some the the excuses you listed are legitimate, i.e. the 1:1 pt, on break or even the "I'm busy one" but the correct response should be "I'm _______ right now but I can help you when I'm done" not just "NO I can't. "
  3. Party_of_five

    IV certification

    I work in TN and there is no such thing as "IV certified". If you are a RN you can start IVs unless your facility has other rules.
  4. Party_of_five

    Does the level of trauma center matter?

    Any job is better than no job. Apply for both and take the one that makes an offer! Trauma centers are rated as #1 being the highest level of care and go down. A level 4 would most likely mean you stabilize and transfer to a higher level of care.
  5. Party_of_five

    Talk me through this...ER to NICU just for NNP opportunity?

    Update: Turns out NICU wasn’t currently hiring but L&D was and they really liked my ER experience. I did a shadow day and loved it! This might be the best of both worlds for me. Fast paced, anything can happen environment plus babies and NRP. They do L&D only with a transfer after 2 hours or so to PP. the NM also said that a few times a year we float to NICU (as an extra set of hands) and PP so that would be fun. I am looking forward to starting. Thanks for all the great advice.
  6. Party_of_five

    ICU to ED RN

    Some ICU peeps can hang, some can't. It depends on your personality and your level of OCD-ness LOL. The ER is all about controlled chaos. I'm not sure they would hire you on a PRN basis. There is a lot of training involved. I guess it would depend on the ED. We do have a few ICU nurses that do pick up as needed but they all worked ER first.
  7. Party_of_five

    Talk me through this...ER to NICU just for NNP opportunity?

    OP here. I finally reached out to HR and have a phone interview for a NICU position. I told them I prefer days and they have open day positions listed online so fingers crossed!
  8. I'm currently on ER nurse on dayshift. I work at a level 1 trauma center and we see all kinds of stuff. I love the pace most days. I like seeing new and interesting things. I like learning. I love my coworkers, our team. I don't like being bored. I like my job. I'd like to be more than a bedside RN one day. I've been researching grad school options and I just keep coming back to NNP. I've always loved babies. I did a few shifts in the NICU during my preceptorship and I loved going to deliveries and being on the NRP team. There is currently an opening at my hospital for the NICU but it is nightshift. I've never worked nights. I have kids at home and a husband. Would it be stupid to leave a job I like for a job that I probably will like but am scared will be boring just to have the opportunity to go to NNP school (if that's what I decide)? How is nightshift in the NICU (level 3)? Will NICU have the teamwork and awesome coworkers I am used to? I know I could go back to the ER if I change my mind, heck they'd probably still let me work PRN...we are always short. I just feel a lot of loyalty to the ER and don't really like making changes. So help me out, talk me through this. What would you do?
  9. Party_of_five

    Any facilities actually using an AccuVein? Any thoughts?

    They are terrible. It only works on light skin with no hair and no fatty tissue. Otherwise it picks up hair "shadows" and fat. Try double tourniquets and a warm compress instead.
  10. Party_of_five

    As a PA, how can I be better for the nurses in the ER?

    I'd like to encourage you to talk to the nurses (and other staff members). Its nice to have that type of relationship and builds trust. It also makes you more approachable.
  11. Party_of_five

    Expired att but not taken the boards

    Reapply and pay the fee again and wait for a new ATT
  12. Party_of_five

    Is my ED salary offer appropriate?

    It would be helpful to give a more specific location. East, Middle, West? Metro/rural? That said I don't think TN pays as much as other states.
  13. Party_of_five

    The things we put up with as part of the job

    I am fully confident in our police officers. We even have dedicated K9s. They back the staff 1000%
  14. Party_of_five

    ESI practice thread

    2? I'm a new grad but it sounds like maybe a stroke. I used this as a guide: https://www.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/wysiwyg/professionals/systems/hospital/esi/esihandbk.pdf It said he isn't following commands so that means a 2 but I could also see it being a 3 since we don't know the LKN.
  15. Party_of_five

    How to cure senioritis?

    How to cure senioritis? GRADUATE!!!! You are almost there. Don't quit now. GET IT DONE!!!!
  16. Party_of_five

    New Grad Qualification Question

    Don't wait! Apply, apply, apply!