when does BON post name 4 NCLEX-PN & is Peason trick really accurate?


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ok I've taken my NCLEX-PN last month 3/30/2011 and its Monday 4/4/2011 and did the "trick" & just got the "good-pop up" did it 3xs already b/c I could not believe it. My test, I ran out of time and I stopped at #123 had 3 math calc, 3-4 order response, LOTS of Priority,15 SATAs, 1 picture, ...Throughout the test i did them breathing exercises and I did feel confident but a lil nervous going into the test. I can't wait for my official results and i want to know when will BON post your name if you take the PN exam? I'm soo nervous! I couldnt tell my parents just yet only my friends I really wana make sure the "trick" wont trick me :chair: lol :[anb]:

btw I'm glad i took my exam b4 the new passing standard for PN I just told myself just do it already and my friends had faith in me I hope I really passed this time :bowingpur

...I asked if Pearson trick is accurate cuz my friends think that BON blockd ppl from registering since last week of March i'm :confused: so if I got the good pop up after taking my test and I hear this about this "blocking registration" that sum can't register anymore online etc. ...? aurgh I can't wait for my official results then...

Anyone else took the NCLEX-PN b4 April and got good pop up and offically passed? im scared now :eek:

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Each BON is different in to how soon or long it takes to post a license


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Posting of names on the website depends upon workload and policies followed. Some states work on files willy, nilly, not on a first in, first out basis.


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Hey Lisa I took my test in CA on tuesday March 29, I went all the way to 205 I also get the good pop up, But I don't know if this is true or not. Also I heard that your name will not appear on the CA web until you pay the license fee, you send that payment once you receive the letter that you have passed. Good Luck today is my first week still 3 more to go.. :banghead: Wish you Luck/....


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l took my exams the same day as you did. Anyway l had all 205 questions , about 20 SATA, alot of infection control, alot of meds , ob/peds and psych. The questions were all over the place. l came home worried cause that was my 4th time taking the nclex. The first thing l did when l got home was to log onto pearson vue site. Did the pvt trick and got a good pop up. Others on the site said it works but l was still worried. On friday l find out that l passed. so pvt works. lt depends on your BON. l saw my name on my BON 48th hours after the exams. I believe you are a nurse:nurse:.