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Has anyone recently applied to the Boise State program? My fiance and I are planning on moving to the Boise area, from the Navajo reservation in Arizona. I was wondering how competitive it is. I have a prior bachelor's degree (which i completed only to get into a 2nd degree program when I was denied admission to a BSN program in Colorado) I also have an "A" in all my support courses, and a high overall GPA. I am also considering going to Apollo for my LPN. Would that increase my chances, or is it just as competitive that route? Just wanted some insight.

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Boise State is pretty competitive. They are changing the entrance policy and will be based on GPA from the core classes I believe. There is also Northern Nazarene University nursing (4 years), or you can do the fast track through Idaho State University its an 18 month program with a prior degree, there is an outreach office here in Boise. There is a community college about 50 miles west of Boise in Orgeon. I am not sure about Apollo, their LPN program just started here about a year ago. However I don't think that getting your LPN will increase your chances of getting into BSU. I could be wrong.

I transferred here from NAU in Flagstaff, and my experience with BSU nursing school was very good.

Good luck!

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I agree with the earlier poster. I have co-workers (CNAs, Unit Clerks) who have applied 2 or 3 times and they are straight A students!


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I had to apply 3 times to get in but I don't have an existing degree I believe that helps you out.


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I had to apply 3 times to get in but I don't have an existing degree I believe that helps you out.

Does anyone know if Idaho has an accelerated BSN program for individuals who have a prior Bachelors Degree? Washington State does not. I am asking for a friend. Thanks.

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As a school nurse I work with BSU and NNU students, they are both wonderful programs. The BSU program is harder to get into but NNU is more expensive. There is a BSN program out of Nyssa Oregon (right over the Idaho/Oregon border). BSU just recently started a Master's program for nurses.:welcome::balloons::balloons:


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If you had your LPN you can transition in to the Boise State program.

To get into to BSU you have to first take a placement test, that allows you to apply. It is hard to get in. You can also look at outside area schools such as CSI or ISU.


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Idaho State U has a fast track. It is at the Boise campus, lasts 15 months, requires a Bachelor's in anything, some test, and some prereqs. I hear it's easier to get in to as it's not well known. Here's a site:

ps I'm in BSU's ADN and regretting not doing ISU.


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oh, the application to start this spring looks to be due tomorrow, so it's too late this year unless you already have the materials together and tested elsewhere.

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I'm not sure about BSU's program, but I can tell you it took me 3 attempts to get into Idaho State Universitys LPN program. Which is now a 11 month program. I will say that it is very competive all over the state of Idaho. If I could have I would have applied to College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls. They have a 2 year Associate RN program and it is top notch. It's better than any of the BSN programs at any of the universitys in the state. I know that it is competative, but well worth it. I think their dead line is February 15th. Good Luck to you.


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Hey everyone who's looking- ISU's fast track program is fantastic, it's in Boise, the faculty are really interested in our success, and it's really well respected. Oh did I mention the 100% NCLEX pass rate? Small classes- there's about 20 of us...

requirements: BS, with some additional courses like A&P, micro, chemistry... TEAS test...

I'd highly recommend checking it out. search fast track rn

Good luck-

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