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Hey everyone!

I'm a pre-nursing student at BMCC. I'm taking my entrance exam May 29th, 2018. I'm so excited that the time us almost here. I have a little over a month to study for the exam.

Who else is studying for this exam?

What are some studying tips you have?

How confident are you that you'll make it into this program?

I study everyday. Different topics and as much as I can. I would say for a tip to just be organized and don't stress out a lot over this exam. I am pretty confident that I'll get into this program. Given the pre-req grades and vera GPA, plus the way I'm studying for this exam and my mindset (positivity).


I'm taking my exam on on May 30th for the evening program. As excited as I am, I'm still a little nervous about what to expect. But I've been preparing, researching, and studying as much as possible up until the exam.

Just like you I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and not stress too much. I've been using a lot of khan academy for science as well as online quizzes for the physiology section. For math, which has always been my weakest subject is becoming my strongest as I've been doing practice problems everyday.

Are you applying for the evening or the day program?

As our time is getting near, good luck on your exam!

I am applying for the day program. I am definitely nervous as well, but I always put positive thoughts in the atmosphere. For the past week I just think about the exam and getting my results and I have like a mini anxiety attack. I have to breathe in an hour and calm myself down. I have been waiting for this moment for TWO YEARS!

As far as studying, I have also been using khan academy for the science section. What I have done is read the gist of all of the system in the Kaplan study book that the program recommends. Then re-read my notes from my ap 1 and 2 course. Finally, I am watching all khan academy videos on the each system and taking the mini quizzes. When it comes to this, I personally don't think that memorizing ALL of the systems will benefit me. I say this because there are only 20 questions for 10 system. So I feel that my study technique will prepare me enough that when I read the question and have the answer in front of me and have to choose from 4 I will be able to get the correct answer.

For math, I just went over fractions, decimals, ratios, operation, conversions, dosage problems, etc. I am pretty good with math so I am not stressing as much about it. Although, this last week I have of studying, I am just focusing on science and math. Reason being is because I feel that reading and writing should come natural to me. Plus I did enough studying for the reading and writing section. I am mainly stressed about the science. Although, I am just somewhat nervous about the writing and math, but not to the point to be as stressed as the science section.

I wish you good luck on the exam and hope everything turns out in your favor!!! :) Positive energy in the atmosphere!!!

One last thing, do a super hero pose for 5 minutes before the exam. It's proven that doing this you'll perform much better :)!

Hello!! I meet with my school advisor on Saturday to figure out when I take the Kaplan exam!! I'm so nervous, but at the same time I know we can do it!! The area I'm struggling the most in is the science, I feel like I just don't know where to start!

Hi all, did anyone else take the Kaplan test today?

I didn't score too well =( Writing and Science section killed me!!!!

But still, I'm hoping that I get in with my 3.7 pre-req gpa.

How did everyone do?

If you don't mind me asking, what was your grade? I didn't do so well either. I was so confident and thought I was going to do so well! I really feel down and I feel like I won't be able to accomplish my goal. This really brought me down.

Hi all I did the test today as well. I did pretty bad. I was so confident about my bio until I saw the test. It really dampened my spirits.

Same for me except instead of science, English brought my grade down tremendously. :(

I got an overall score of 70%. Its on the low side but I'm hoping my GPA will help me to get in. I'm not feeling so optimistic though.

I was browsing through some old BMCC forums and I read that a guy had a 4.0 GPA, scored at 68 on the Kaplan exam and was NOT accepted. Well this sucks for me. Let's see what happens, although I am preparing for the worst. Good luck to you!

I took the exam this morning and my grade was pretty low as well. My lowest grade was writing. The highest was math. I'm hoping my GPA and grades will be considered. But right now I'm preparing for the worst as well.

Good of luck to all of you!

We are on the same boat! Good luck to you as well!!

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