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My organization is in the process of implementing a blood and blood products physician order form. The order form requires physicians to provide the rationale for the transfusion. The goal is to gain better control of the limited supply of blood and blood products, while ensuring patients that meet clincial criteria receive the needed products. The order form will also serve as the form used to request blood (like a request slip).

We are finalizing the process for this form and I am just curious what the practice is at other facilities? Does the physician just write the order? Is there an order form for blood/blood products? How do nursing staff obtain blood from the blood bank?



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We have an electronic order entry form, and almost all of the costlier orders require a rationale (It's funny because there's the note that "Doctor ordered it, isn't an appropriate rationale"). Common reasons that I see are like: "PCV

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We have computerized charting so there is an order set for blood transfusions. It includes: how many units to be transfused and why, a normal saline order to run with the blood and medications and actions to take in case of a reaction, pre-medications, and a type and cross oder. And I am not sure if the order set contains lab orders (H/H, INR) for rechecks after the blood is infused.

Once the blood is ready from blood bank, we fill out a slip to request the blood, send it to blood bank and they then send it to us.

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ours is a combo of electronic and manual from order to intervention. If you have not so already I recommend you contact your lab medical director and/or lab director. I found they had resources, recommendations and even sample forms from AABB (American Asso. of Blood Banks).

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ours is paper.

pt identifers, reason for critea low hg etc, pt explained risks and verbal consent.

h/o reaction and any special requirements irradiated etc.

then the sript say what is to be given blood product to be given and and lasix etc.

we also log the unit number of the bag and cosign start time/date

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Our docs aren't required to give a rationale and we obtain written consent prior to administration. An electronic order is sent to blood bank. They may or may not notify the floor when it is ready, but notice is entered in the computer. Staff or a volunteer must go to the blood bank and pick it up.