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i know someone that is continuously getting black eyes :crying2: so much that her boyfriend is referring to her as his little "black eye pea", she's about 4' 8" lol. they seem to move from eye to eye or sometimes both at once and then go away, but now they are staying for a longer period of time. there seems to be no reason for this that we can figure out. i have begged her to go to the doctor to get it seen about (it's very obvious), but no doctor for her. does anyone have any ideas about this problem?

thanks for any input on this!


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We can't give medical advice, but she should definitely go see a doctor.

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go see a dr..


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I know go see a doctor but has anyone ever seen this before?


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maybe a social worker?

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This really begs the question...are you sure the boyfriend isn't the cause?

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Absolutely 100% positive. I'm not gonna lie...that was my first thought and even though I didn't believe it, I did question her about it. I think if he even remotely tried something like that he would get his butt kicked...she's a little spitfire LOL. Honestly, I truly don't believe that he is responsible.

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As others have said, we can't give medical advice, and that is what your friend needs. Maybe you can help her find a free clinic in your area. And you can gently but firmly inquire if anyone is hurting her. Whatever is behind this condition, she really needs to have a health care person actually look at these black eyes and take it from there.

She is lucky to have such a concerned friend.

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