So, we had our Med-Surg final yesterday--and afterwards, our teacher let us wait while she graded our exams, so we could know what we made, and if we had passed. One by one we went into her office and she told us the news. While I did pass, some of my very good friends didn't. And, I'm talking like we need an 80, and one of them failed with at 79.2! So, it was really bittersweet for me yesterday. While I was soo happy, inside it was hard to be--when I have such good friends who didn't make it through! :(


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mann 79.2 im glad that the school im going to doesnt grade like that you need a 74 and above to pass. im so sorry for you friend and i understand where you are coming from, but remember you passed so be happy about it, but comfort your friend if she needs it.

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Yeah, this happens after after nursing exam and the final is the worst because sometimes students really depend on that final exam to pass the course. Its very sad and depressing to see my friends not make it. We all study hard together and we all want this so bad. I often don't know what to say to them except don't give up.

Kudos to you for passing !!!

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Good for you. We have to have a 79.5 to pass Med-Surg. Our final is in the middle of May and then I'm off all Summer There are several students who are at the cutting point right now in my class, but I really need to concentrate on myself and hope the best for them. Like others have said, comfort your friends, but be proud of your accomplishment.


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We were in our second to last semester, and lost more than 5 students. It was very hard. You want to celebrate, and yet you don't want to upset anyone that didn't make it. I just keep offering my support.


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I know how you feel. A good friend of mine and I are both first semester students. I will be moving on to second semester, and she will not because she failed one of the courses. I feel so bad for her, but at the same time I am happy that I am moving on... I never know what to say to her because I don't want it to seem like I'm pouring salt on the wound or gloating or anything. If anything, it's the exact opposite, I am really, really sad that she won't be going with me. It's a tough situation to be in, that's for sure....

i know what you mean. it's rough, and i'm not one to rub things in. those that i feel for are those who really studied hard the whole semester, and still aren't getting it.

then i've got a couple who are in my clinical group who don't understand why they're failing lecture-and it's hard to keep my mouth shut when the thought that comes into my head is "well if you'd have ever bothered to come to any lecture all semester maybe you wouldn't be failing now" seriously if they can get a 64 on the test without even showing up to lecture they could pass easily if they did come to class.

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