Birki's for clinical?


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I am considering getting some Birkis in white for clinical. I have danskos and I love them but they are blue and purple raindrop print. I really want some flat clogs for clinical though. I was just going to get some crocs because they are comfortable on your feet non-stop. (I wore them for working at texas roadhouse.. LOVED THEM) but I want something long lasting and durable. I hear good things about Birkis, has anyone tried them??


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Check out your schools uniform requirements...many require closed toe and heal due to foot safety concerns.


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Solid white, closed toe, leather :)

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Need full back not clogs per OSHA


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I have $10 walmart shoes they are the best. I bought clog and they made my feet hurt. The best thing is tennis shoes if you ask me even dr. Scholl are good..