Big Arms They Say ... Hey, I'm A Nurse.

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After 20 years of lifting, you'd have these arms to.

Nurses do some heavy lifting. What's the policy at your workplace regarding 'heavy lifting'? I know you have some stories to share. Please share them with us...

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I remember when I got a frequent flyer admitted. I just gut behind the head of the bed, grabbed the sheets and gave it a good heave hoe pull. Patient up at head of bed and ready to go. 

Patient was a quad, we were shot staffed as always, and 20 years ago-what policy. Mission accomplished. The nurse tech turns ER transport for the day (reason I didn’t have someone nearby to help lift) looked at me and said, “Okay, ER tries to give me any crap an sending you after them. Where’d you get those arms?” Me: “Here”...,I was only about 115 lbs and 5’8” but had extreme upper (and lower) body strength. 

Now, 20 years later, my Back MRI shows that even if I CAN do it alone, maybe I shouldn’t. Now the heaviest thing I need to lift is a laptop so I’m all good with my current position-not sure how I’d do with bedside though-lower back is pretty screwed up-and not just from the job-scoliosis (quite pronounced per pcp, spinal stenosis, and three herniated discs)-yet I still run 10 miles 4 days a week- doesn’t feel good, but my thyroid also turned on me so I’m fighting an uphill battle

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What'll get you every time is when you pull but the nurse on the other side of the bed doesn't pull. They're thinking about lunch or something.

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