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better term for "saggy eldery" skin?


Sorry to ask a stupid question, but I'm typing up my first Skin Assessment. The client's skin is thickened-but-weakened saggy skin, not unusual for a 90something. It's no so much wrinkled as just loose. It doesn't tear easily but you can tell it's looser/weaker than the skin of a younger person.

For my assessment, I am required to use medical terms. I googled and checked my texts, but I can't find quite the right phrase. Help? :D

TIA for any suggestions.

Maybe "lacking turgor" or "inelastic" is good as CrunchyMama said. I got the image, but I'm not sure either. Nursing ought to require a minor in creative writing.

thanks for the ideas! :loveya:

I have a Medical to plain-English dictionary. I need one that goes the other direction.


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Lack of turgor, thickened.

I would say skin turgor is poor

You want to include:

Color, temperature, turgor, Lesions (type, description, location), Edema (type, location), Pruritus (location)


Skin is:

warm, cool, moist, dry, intact

color is:

pale, pink, dusky, cyanotic, jaundiced, mottled

turgor is:

firm, supple, dehydrated, fragile, edematous,

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Well the surgeons I know who do lab band surgery just call it lose skin.


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Dermatochalasis is more for the eyelid skin/muscle, not for the general skin. Anyway, just to let you know, this thread is from 2009. :)