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:bluecry1::(i'm trying to figure At this point in my life is it better to get and associates or a bachelors in nursing? this is getting hard and tricky.:crying2::confused:


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I really think it depends on what you want to do within the nursing field. Do you want to work in a hospital or do you want to teach or possibly do something in admin/mgmt?

It all depends on your situation. Many start with the ADN route then go on and their BSN and Masters! I'm a ADN and even in these tough economic times I got a job in the DC area. And yes there are many that don't! It is strongly encouraged to keep up with the education. My thinking was go the ADN route which is normally cheaper than a BSN, get a job, and then let my employer pay for my education (BSN and upwards.) Many hospitals offer education incentives. Yes a BSN tends to progress further up the food chain than an ADN, but not everyone wants to be pushing paper. Some hospitals to pay a BSN a bit more, some don't. Some give a BSN a yearly bonus, some don't. Even as a ADN, I think thats fair, school isnt fun (in my opinion,lol) it is hard work! But then again, while they are studying more, one can be working OT,lol A great nurse isn't (or should not be) judged by the letters after "RN" but should be judged on her expertise! But life isn't always fair,lol


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it depends also on the education that you already have. For example, if you already have a BA or BS, you can do an accerlerated BSN program. It takes just as long as as ADN program, if not quicker. However, if you are thinking about the cost, then go with ADN and bridge into BSN after working.


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I agree with the first reply... I would say go ahead and get you ADN and then let your employer pay for your BSN!!! Many employers have a tuition reimbursement benefit, that is easy to take advantage of! Good Luck with your RN quest! :yeah:

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It also depends on where you want to work. Magnet hospitals are favoring BSNs over AD/diploma nurses.

Also, many hospitals in these trying economic times are cutting back on educational benefits. Over a dozen of students who we accepted at UVa for this fall were planning on using employer benefits for their BSN or MSN degrees -- and were told within the past two months that there is no educational support anymore for employees at their institutions.

I agree that ABSN programs are faster (and often less expensive) than many AD programs. For example, the ABSN program at George Mason is 12 months in duration and approximately $10,000. An AD at a for-profit, private school (see the other threads here) will run you over $25,000.

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