Best time to apply to RN program, Please Help!


I am a pre-nursing student and I am in my last year of pre-reqs. I have completed all of my pre-reqs except a&p 1,2 and micro. I plan to a&p 1 over the summer and to take a&p2 and micro in the fall . I am not sure when I should start applying to nursing programs. Can anyone offer any advice as to when they started to apply to programs.:bow::bow:

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I know I can't apply until all my required pre-reqs are done, but I can work on additional credits during the wait time. I will be sending in my application the day after I finish, luckily they accept apps at any time. I think your school could be able to tell you when you can submit. I'm going to apply for our local ASN program after the fall semester too. Good luck!!


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I've seen where if you are enrolled in one class during the time of the application deadline, and all other classes are completed successfully, it's a go. The others require that you have all pre-reqs complete.

Good Luck at whatever you do.


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most nursing programs won't even look at your application until you've completed all your prereqs. what are yours? i'd suggest submitting an application for the semester following your completed prereqs. or better yet, find out from anyone in the nursing dept. the earliest you can apply! good luck to you!

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I think before you do anything make sure you know what nursing is all about. Do some volunteer work close to patients. Nothing would be more discouraging in life than to go into another field only to find you hate that too. I am saying this because maybe your dissatisfaction is caused by something deeper than you realize and I have met many nurses who hated nursing and wanted to change fields.

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Whoa, scratch that. I posted to the wrong thread.

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