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Hi everyone!

I am currently in nursing school to get my Associates Degree. I am more than open to doing an RN-BSN program after taking the NCLEX and maybe working for a year or two. I am in Massachusetts right now, and the trend is swinging strongly to BSN preferred or required to get a job.

I was just wondering if anyone knew which states are the most likely to hire ADN nurses? The need for nurses in Massachusetts is not very high right now, and they have so many students to pick from. Any states you can think of are fine; I am willing to relocate.

Thank you!


Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Montana. All states in the Intermountain west region will take ADN nurses, except maybe Colorado which has a high BSN preference.

Also, states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma and some parts of Texas will hire ADN nurses.

I live in a large metro that hires ADN all the time out west.

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All four Indianapolis major hospital systems are hiring ADNs. The one that had a 'get your BSN in five years' policy has dropped it.

Reasonable coast of living.

Not an answer to your question, but I am also in Mass and am hoping to enter an ADN program. Which one are you currently in if you don't mind me asking, and do you like it?

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Nursing shortage is real. Most areas that aren't heavily populated will take your ADN. Even places that are heavily populated will, if you're willing to get your BSN. NC and VA both hire ADN graduates.

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