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Best shoes while on the floor???

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What are the best (most comfortable) shoes to wear while on the floor for that long 12-13+ hour day? I've tried Crocs, Nike's, K-Swiss, and Asics and my feet are still killin' me by about mid-day! I've noticed some nurses on my floor are wearing Born, Merrell and Dansko clogs-type looking things. However, I can't wear Dansko due to my extremely flat feet, I don't have much of an arch. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Find a couple of pairs of shoes that feel good for half the day. Change shoes midway through the shift.

I discovered Crocs work great for me (I do 8s in a LTC facility) My feet don't hurt atthe end of a shift!

Klogs, USA!! They're very comfortable!


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Though I'd love to be able to wear Crocs and Danskos - I too have fallen arches as well as wide feet. My podiatrist makes removable insoles for me and I find either New Balance or Avia walkers in wide widiths comfortable for my 12 - 13+ hour shifts. I also wear Sigvaris or Jobst firm compression knee highs.

I was going to suggest the podiatrist route as well. You could probably do with a good pair of orthotics to help you.


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My favorite shoes ever, so awesome that I have them in two colors, are a Reebok sneaker clog that I bought on Zappos.com! They're somewhat ugly and utilitarian looking, but the have the greatest fit. I've worn them for plenty of double shifts and my feet don't hurt at the end. Plus, they're not too expensive.


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Personally, I love my airwalk clogs. They're more comfortable than crocs in my opinion, and they're only about 15 bucks at payless!!! I worked 3 12's in LTC last week wearing them, and my feet were fine afterwards.


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I love my Danskos. I have one pair for work, and 3 pair for fun! I find they really work for me!


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I think they're called Quacks. They're light weight clogs. Very comfortable...


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I love my Rockers by Cherokee-they are an extremely LIGHT clog that also come with a removable backstrap and replaceable insoles. I've also got a pair of New Balance clogs, but the Rockers are the best!


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Love new balance sneakers. I too have flat feet and by the end of my twelve hour shift my feet feel great still with this shoes. Good luck. the style I found is the best is 409 runner.

I have been R.N. since 1990, OB, labor and delivery for 11 years, 12 hour shifts. I used to buy the expensive nike sneakers every six months.. my back and legs killed me... Until someone on the floor was wearing Birkenstocks.... I tried them... than was 8 years ago and I have never worn anything else since.

Once you start wearing them, you will never wear anything else.. I not only wear them at work.. but I have casual Birkenstocks that I wear away from work..

You can order them online at www.footprints.com I think they have a 3 month test walk or something... also another site is www.birkenstockexpress.com they don't have the test walk though..

Hope this helps!! (oh they are a little expensive but well worth it)

I love z coils, worth every penny. I have crocs, Asics, Nursemates, and a few other brands. Nothing compares to the comfort of z coils.

What one person loves, another person hates. Try out various pairs and see what works best for you. I spend as much money as I have to in order to keep my feet happy. If my feet aren't happy then I'm not happy.

CMColumbus, I agree totally. You only get one set of feet :) I too spend what I have to in order to take care of my feet while working.

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