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  1. cappuccino

    Why are nurses so angry?

    Give me a break! Everyone is venting..It's called frustration not anger.........
  2. cappuccino

    Nurses that write their own orders

    You're welcome. I believe you can render care without jeopardizing your license. It can be so FRUSTRATING at times. That goes without saying. In your case , what if irrigating the catheter didn't work? You would still need to change the catheter-which also requires an md order. So no matter what , always contact the md or make sure that your manager or supervisor gets one for you. Just make sure you document all the attempts you made to contact the attending physician..............
  3. cappuccino

    Coworker causing problems...

    Stay far away from her. She'll probably self destruct..........
  4. cappuccino

    Nurses that write their own orders

    I absolutely would not go ahead with any patient procedure or treatment without md orders. Period. You're just basically opening yourself up for potential litigation.................:redbeathe
  5. cappuccino

    Best shoes while on the floor???

    I think they're called Quacks. They're light weight clogs. Very comfortable...
  6. cappuccino

    Thinking about Per Diem

    Yes you should get paid for the orientation if it's required for the position.
  7. cappuccino

    How often do you wear a set of scrubs

    I have enough to last the week. So approximately 5-6 of each-tops and pants. Also some jackets for cooler temps........
  8. Well just let this be a learning experience. When we count at my job, we're both looking at the amount that's being counted. I like to take the meds out and count them w/ the other person so they're acknowledging the amt. It takes a tiny bit longer but it verifies that 2 rns saw the same amount............
  9. cappuccino

    telephone nursing

    No way would I do something like that. You're liable for the advice you're giving someone. Just be careful when you're putting your license on the line. I would be weary of that kind of job...........
  10. cappuccino

    Doctors telephone orders???

    Our orders include date,time,doctors orders(w/only approved abbreviations) doctor's name and the nurse taking the order. Verbal orders have been phased out. We only take verbal orders in emergent situations. All the doctor's are aware so they comply w/ writing ALL orders. Also we read back the order and document this beneath our names......
  11. cappuccino

    Doctors Enter Their Own Orders??

    We do have computerized orders. Basically all the orders print up after the doctors enter them into the computer. The stat orders print up in bold lettering. Essentially it's the unit clerks job to check for new orders. The advantage of having computerized orders is that you don't have to take off meds anymore. The pharmacy gets the order and enters it into the pt's MAR. Then we nurse review it. So when you have pts that have lots of meds it makes it much easier. It's soooooo much better than written MARs.... Initially alot of the doctors were against it but administration made it mandatory hospitalwide..........
  12. cappuccino

    Union nursing jobs vs non union

    Thanks Makadaja.
  13. cappuccino

    Union nursing jobs vs non union

    How many of you would say hands down that a union nursing job is better than a non union and why? I've been working in a non union job for many years. The nurses were treated wonderfully until this year. We now have so many changes going on that everyone's head is spinning. It seems that the fact that we aren't union has allowed administration to do whatever they want to us. There is absolutely no appreciation for the employees who have dedicated many years to this establishment. Nurses are being treated so poorly bc administration believes it is an honor to work in this well known hospital..............