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Best Nashville Hospitals?

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Can someone recommend a great Nashville hospital to work for?

I'm considering TN licensure, already been contacted by Centennial - found out it was HCA...........:uhoh3:

Hi, I just moved to Nashville, I am a new LPN, only been licensed since last Sept. I applied at Centennial, Vanderbilt, Skyline, Southern Hills, St. Thomas, and Baptist. I got hired on at St. Thomas, and start there on Monday. Can't really tell you anything about the hospitals because I haven't began working yet, but I can say that I was very impressed with St. Thomas because of their friendly caring nature. It was really nice to feel welcomed. Just thought I'd put some names out there for you to check into, don't really know anything else about em. Just thought maybe you needed the names of some, they all have pretty good websites. Just curious what did it mean when you said that centennial was hca? Don't want to sound silly, but I have heard someone else say that and I don't know what that is or means? Thanks!


DutchgirlRN, ASN, RN

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HCA stands for Hospital Corporation of America. Nashville has about 17 HCA Hospitals including the surrounding counties.

nursepotter05, RN

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The only hospital I can vouch for is Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt Chidren's. If you like Pediatrics Vanderbilt Children's is the best. If you like trauma, Vanderbilt is the only level one trauma center in the area. I did clinicals at Summit Medical Center in Donelson, which is a HCA\Tristar hospital. It seemed like a good facility, as well. They have a good emergency department.

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