Best Job To Get You Prepared For An Np?


I am considering taking a job in the ER/ICU and I am currently in an online FNP program...I will be working 3 12 hr shift which will be good ..I think:uhoh3: Just your there a good job in what area as an RN for someone who wants to become an NP in a rural clinic?

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Yes, I think so, especially if the ER/ICU are really busy. You also want a wide variety of cases: peds, adults, serious, critical, trauma, run of the mill rashs, abd pains, etc. Good luck...


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If your ER has a fast track you might want to do that also.


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What's a Fast Track?


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What's a Fast Track?

Basically an urgent care attached to an ER. I agree that this would be a good place. I suggest the ER as well, one that see's adults and kids.


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thanks for all your opinions i am scared but looking forward to it.


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What's a Fast Track?

A fast track is like a "Minor Medical" area... less acuity of a pt.. supposed to be all level 5 (of level 1-5, 5 being less severe). Includes lots of lacerations, colds, c/o for lack of a better word "stupid" things, anything that is quick fix. Usually people are seen here that should not require anything other than a quick xray or rx. ie, no blood work done here or pt with possible admission status, etc. Although, sometimes pt's are placed here and then more info is found out that can then increase their triage level (1-5). Hope this helps!

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