Best flashcards for 2013 LPN Nclex?


So my teacher recommended 2013 neclex pn flashcards that im supposed to find on amazon. They look like this:

but the problem is, is that those came out in 2009. Should I still buy them? i know the questions change year to year so are they still any good? (i know everyone's bodies function the same way, maybe the wording is different, or are these word for word on nclex)


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flash cards work for some and not others. for me, the best way to study for nclex-pn was to use saunders w/the bonus CD (w/3000+ questions). I worked on the questions systematically and took all the practice tests that were included.

the questions focused on main topics, helped me to understand the way nclex questions are worded, helped w/question types, rationales, and justifications.

what works best for you? did your teacher recommend these as aids to use in school or to study for nclex?

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she said it was for the nclex but im guessing it would help in school as well.