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Beginning the CNS journey


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I have been accepted to Liberty University's MSN program. At the end of the 2 years I will be able to sit for the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Acute Adult Care. Any Advice anyone can give me is appreciated:o

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Congratulations! What type of job will you be looking for? Do you have to find your own preceptors?

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Yes I do have to find my own preceptors but there are several at my hospital who will help me out:yeah:I am hoping to find a CNS position at the hospital when I am finished. Wharever unit has an opening would be ok.:up:


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Congratulations! A few of my coworkers have graduated from that program, plus I know one who is currently attending and another who will be starting this fall (hopefully). I wish I had known about Liberty's program when I began working on my MSN, could have save a lot of time and money (I'll be doing a post MSN CNS program starting this fall). Good luck!

Congrats!! I'll be with you on your journey :) I am doing the RN-MSN bridge program....so far I have completed all of the undergrad requirements and the grad level theory class. I take Adv Pathophys and Adv Health Assessment in the fall :)

I'm excited but I am uncertain of what I will do once I graduate....I guess we have two years to figure all of this out!


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I graduated LU last year. They were great. I work in Substance Abuse, as a Clinical Quality Improvement Manager and help establish practice policy and educate nurses.

Best of luck!


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I'm also very excited to start at UAB for their MSN/CNS degree.

I am currently the RN Care Coordinator for an Atlanta-area clinic. We are opening a clinic based on the patient-centered medical home. My role will be built around monitoring our patients on a continuum of care, and using our databases to manage the populations of our most common chronic illnesses.

I've always wanted to be a CNS, and I suddenly happened upon this coordinator role for this clinic almost a month ago, so I have been developing this new position during these past 3 weeks. Then, was excitedly offered a spot in the CNS program this past week.

Someone is telling me this is where i'm supposed to be and what i'm supposed to be doing.

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