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I was wondering if anyone has take the 11 month LPN course offered at Beck Area Career Center in Red Bud, Illinois? I am thinking about taking it but I haven't really heard any reviews on it (positive or negative). My friend heard a rumor that people who can't get accepted anywhere else go there. I'm wondering if places hire graduates from there and how difficult/worthwhile the coursework is there. Also, I don't believe they offer IV certification, so if you went there, where did you get IV certified?

Thanks so much!

I'm not sure about the program,but I do know that you cant just "get in"..they have a process like every other school and a list of criteria.Call them and they will send you the information.I checked out this school last year and everything looked legit,I had just missed the deadline though and they go by some type of "point system' giving priority to people who already live in that area.

@KayC - I had the opportunity of speaking to one of BACC's department of nursing staff from a recent conference (NCA-CASI) and I was impressed by their level of commitment to their students (prospective and current). I think a conversation with one of their knowledgeable staff will allow you to find the answer(s) you're looking for.

Good luck!


Thank you!

I have talked to them and am in the process of applying. (I have to take a test, have an interview, and submit 2 letters from references) so I definitely know that it's not a cake walk. I was just wanted to hear what the students thought of the program.

I start the program January 4th and am very excited :) It wasn't easy to get into. I had almost a perfect score on the tests and nailed the interview and had amazing references and was STILL put on a waiting list and just found out that I am in. I also have worked along side the students because im a tech at one of the hospitals they do clinicals at. They basically all have said that it was 11 months of hell...but that they feel like they've learned everything to prepare them for nursing. I'm ready to give it my all and am very excited to get the process moving along!

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This is the school I'm hoping to start attending in January! Does anyone have any experience they'd like to share?

I have 3 months left and am so excited! The program is pretty intense, but it's a good program. By the end you WILL be prepared for boards. Good luck getting in! Fill us in when you find out :)

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I'm in! I'm in! Praise Jesus!

Yay! Congrats! Our January class is awesome so you have a lot to live up to lol Good Luck with everything!

I have also had the privilege to work with some of the students and one of the teachers here at my site, as well as some of the graduates. I was accepted into the jan. class I know that it will be intense and im excited.

Hello! Any ideas on how to prepare for the interview?


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Hi there!It's not very formal, just a one on one so they can talk to you about your expectations and theirs. They might ask if you have any medical background (CNA, etc.) or why you want to go to Beck, or where your career goals lie, that sort of thing. Just dress professionally and relax and be yourself. :DGood luck!

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