Baylor Fastbacc 2021


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Starting a new thread for all those applying to start in Summer 2021. Let's support each other! Just created a FB group too - Baylor Fastbacc 2021. Please join if you are planning to apply.

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Hey I am applying too! I'm taking the HESI the beginning of September then submitting my application. What about you guys?


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@Taylor. Hi there! Are you in the Dfw location? I just took the HESI a week ago because my Aug one got cancelled. It went well. Good luck!

Yes! Was the HESI difficult? How much studying did you put in for it?


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To be honest, I found it easy. I studied for 2 weeks. We only need to take all the English (grammar, vocab, comprehension) & Math. I am a Math major (& former teacher) so I got over 90 for all the sections. Reading comprehension is tricky & I have heard NurseHub helps though I have not personally used it. I just googled and used free resources.

Math - lots of ratios/proportions

Know your conversions (km/m, pint/oz.....)

Adding, subtracting fractions (including improper fractions & mixed numbers).

My friend in Houston did her test a few days ago. She said she found many resources on Quizlet.

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Hey! So happy I stumbled upon this. I'll be applying too, and I'm just happy to know there's a place where we can communicate with each other. Thanks for starting this thread 🙂

Hi there! I'm applying as well. I found this group yesterday. Go sign up with this group on facebook...same title. It's pretty new, but as people comment to this group let's refer them to ALSO join FB.

So happy I found this!! I'm also applying to the 2021 program and am taking my HESI on Monday!😬 I'll let y'all know how it goes!


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Hi. Welcome. I took the HESI a couple of weeks ago. Good luck!

Taking the HESI on Saturday! So excited to start this application journey but I have to say I am overwhelmed. Are any of you looking to apply to other university's / ABSN programs? I feel there are many to choose from and looking for advice! Thanks for starting this thread it is great to know others are in this too. 🙂


@silvergirl20 Good luck on the HESI! I just took mine yesterday and it was a lot easier than I expected! Right now I'm only applying to Baylor's ABSN program. The only other 2 ABSN programs I found in DFW area are UTA and TCU, but they require other prereqs and the TEAS instead of HESI which is a little frustrating. Also, after attending the Baylor info session I just knew this was where I wanted to go and it seems like such a great program!

Are there other ABSN programs in the area that I'm unaware about?