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  1. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @Delta thank you! I used the review book that Elsevier sold and the one that they shared on Baylor's website!
  2. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @Delta I didn't think they were too bad! I got a 94 on vocab and a 92 on grammar. I thought the reading comp section was the hardest out of the english sections, but still managed to get a good score. Math was definitely the easiest I thought! Lots o...
  3. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @silvergirl20 Good luck on the HESI! I just took mine yesterday and it was a lot easier than I expected! Right now I'm only applying to Baylor's ABSN program. The only other 2 ABSN programs I found in DFW area are UTA and TCU, but they require other ...
  4. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    So happy I found this!! I'm also applying to the 2021 program and am taking my HESI on Monday!😬 I'll let y'all know how it goes!