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  1. Concordia University Texas ABSN

    Yes - I saw some reviews of the program on a forum and they seemed unhappy with clinical placements (said that they were unwelcome, the nurses were mean and did not want them there, not allowed in break rooms, kitchen, etc.and did not feel ready to s...
  2. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    Taking the HESI on Saturday! So excited to start this application journey but I have to say I am overwhelmed. Are any of you looking to apply to other university's / ABSN programs? I feel there are many to choose from and looking for advice! Thanks f...
  3. Texas Lutheran University- ABSN

    I am looking to apply! I haven't taken the TEAS yet ( I take the HESI this weekend for other school admissions). The process is so exciting but very overwhelming with all the different ABSN options. I am trying to do a compare/contrast and pro/con li...
  4. Concordia University Texas ABSN

    I am in the same boat. Trying to figure out what programs are right for me - I have so many questions for Concordia.