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Hello Everyone,

My name is Jess and I am in the AO BSN process with BU for Spring 2019. I have a previous BHS in Healthcare Administration from Florida Atlantic University and a Master's from Nova Southeaster in Business Administration with a concentration in HR. I know it's kind of crazy to be going to back to school but nursing has always been a passion of mine. I actually started as pre-nursing major in undergrad and completed most of my pre-reqs with the exception of 1 and the other 2 PHI courses that Barry require. I was accepted into the pre-nursing program at BU but I am super nervous about getting into the actual program.

I have an advising meeting the nursing department on August 2nd and I am praying hard for a conditional acceptance. Is anyone else on here applying or in a similar situation?

I would love to hear from you all and maybe ease my nerves and anxiety.

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Hi...hope a student of this program can offer advice.

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Hello! There doesn't seem to be too much info on here about Barry's AO program. I'm meeting with an admissions counselor tomorrow. I'm finishing up microbiology and sociology this semester so hopefully that won't be a problem. Maybe we could share anything that we learn about the program on here? I'm a bit nervous about this but let's see how it goes!

There's not much information at all! I am also finishing up some pre-reqs. Anatomy I Lab, Religion and Biomed Ethics. I have an interview with the nursing board this Friday, talk about nervous!

Hello there! How did your meeting go?

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Hello! Barry isn't wanting to accept my bachelor's degree. My old school and Barry are trying to communicate to see how they can help me, but things aren't looking too good for me especially since interviews are in October. But good luck to you!

I am so sorry to hear that! I pray it all works out for you.

Hi! Did anyone on this thread go on to enroll in the Barry Accelerated BSN program? I am applying and would love to hear more about the program!

@ninjanurse01 @LoveJess25 bump! really would love to hear about your experience at Barry if possible! I'll take ya out for coffee or something if you're in Miami ?

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I'm sorry. I got accepted at UM and thats where I'm attending now. @Drea824

17 hours ago, ninjanurse01 said:

I'm sorry. I got accepted at UM and thats where I'm attending now. @Drea824

That's awesome!

I'm actually trying to decide between UM and Barry. How do you feel about the program at UM and your decision to go there? I'm so torn!!

@LoveJess25Hello hopefully your still checking this site. I also have similar case. I have BSW and MSW (From Barry). Returning back to school for nursing and applying to BU AO. I have two pending courses which are Bio-ethics and Religion. Are you taking those through Barry? Online?

I have scheduled advisor meeting 10 July. I was also accepted in pre-nursing and wondering what is next since the admission into pre-nursing does not guarantee in the BSN AO.

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