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Specializes in neuro ICU.
On 6/25/2019 at 10:47 AM, Drea824 said:

That's awesome!

I'm actually trying to decide between UM and Barry. How do you feel about the program at UM and your decision to go there? I'm so torn!!

@Drea824 I am actually loving UM's program. Its only 12 months long (3 semesters) so it goes by pretty quickly. I'm about to finish my first semester in three weeks. I will warn you though, it is extremely fast-paced and the amount of information you have to learn in such a short period (especially the summer semester) is no joke. I completely underestimated how tough this program was going to be. The information is not difficult; it's the sheer volume of information that makes it tough. But it will be worth it! (9.5 months left for me! lol)

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