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Banner Nurse Fellows March 2010


I was just wondering if anyone who had applied for the Banner Nurse Fellows program had heard back from them yet. I'm going out of my mind waiting to hear from them.

Hi Awesome,

I am still waiting to hear back too. Based on the selection time for earlier cohorts I am feeling quite discouraged. During the BNF orientation they said that they are looking to notify everyone by November 20th on whether they were accepted into the program or not. Based on that date one would think that the interview process should have already started. I have almost resigned myself to the fact that I did not get picked for an interview.

Best of Luck to you!

I am also waiting to hear from Banner. But it has only been 3 weeks since apps were due, and if you consider how many apps they have to review.... Well, I think they should just now be setting up interviews. I am trying to stay positive. I didn't start to worry until this week, ;). Good luck to everyone!

Hi guys,

Stay positive! I just had my interview today!! They did confirm that notifications would be sent out by November 20, 2009 so there is still time for all of you to get in and get interviews!! Good Luck!!

Hi Queen Pisces,

Congrats on getting picked for an interview! How long ago did you get the phone call to set up the interview?

Also, if you don't mind sharing what are your GPA and NET test scores? I am just wondering if they have raised the bar as far as those scores are concerend compared to earlier cohorts. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


If you can tell us how long ago they notified you for an interview and how you were notified (phone,mail)I think we are curious to know as we play the waiting game. Any insight you can give us on the interview process would be great as well.

Congrats on your interview!:yeah:

Hi hobbick,

Candidates for earlier cohorts were contacted by phone to set up the interview. Don't know if they are contacting by phone this time around. Hope this helps!

The notes I took from a recent information meeting said they would notify everyone by email at the same time. So emails would be sent out to everyone on the same day stating either you were picked for an interview or you were not picked. I've been obsessively checking every email I own for the last two weeks and I haven't seen a word on it.

Hi Awesome,

I believe they send out e-mails to notify you of your selection into the program. You will get an e-mail either way, whether you got accepted or not. As far as interviews are concerned, I believe they phone you to schedule the interview. I was at the information session as well and this is how I understood it.

I have an interview this Wednesday! Yipppeee!:yeah: They notify you by phone, but it is mostly by cell phone. So make sure you have them on and charged! Good luck!

Hi guys,

The director called me on a Monday or Tuesday and set up the interview for that Friday!! I was told that emails would be sent out to notify if you got accepted or not on November 20, 2009....which is right around the corner...yikes!! Congrats....sazzygrl, good luck on your interview!! Keep your fingers crossed everyone, there is still time!!!

Great Job Sazzygrl,

When did you get your call? Good luck with your interview tomorrow! :yeah:

Thanks guys! I am so nervous and excited I could ralph, :barf02:I was actually notified last week, but almost missed the message, because it was on my cell. They still have a few more interviews to set up, so try to stay positive!!!

GOOD LUCK everyone it is truly an honor to be a Banner Nurse Fellow:).

I am currently a Fellow, and just FYI, some people in my class got called for an interview way after the cut off date. Some were even notified a few weeks before class started. So don't give up hope. I approached with the attitude that I was going to be a nurse with or without them, and they'd be blessed to have ME!!


I am one of those people who was interviewed way after the cut off date. I actually applied for the March 2010 cohort and they asked if I wanted to interview for Oct. 2009 and I said heck yeah. So like you said everyone should keep thier hopes up because you never know. I was on the MCCNP waiting list for one month total and was excepted into the Banner program. I am enjoying it but it is very stressful at times LOL I am sure you know that :). Good Luck to everyone.

Well, I had my interview last Wed. and the ladies were very nice. But I think I blew it, I was so nervous! I am normally great at interviews but I want this opportunity so much!!!! Now I feel like I am torturing myself on what I should have or could have said differently. :cry: Oh, well it is in God's hands now! I hope it goes better for the rest of you!:redpinkhe

Ok, today is Nov. 20th, has anyone heard anything? I applied with a 4.0 GPA and have heard nothing! I already have a spot in January's GCC weekend option that I was encouraged to accept (although now I wish I would have deferred because I really want the BNF position) and I have to pay for the GCC classes in a few days or get dropped and start this whole thing all over again . . . AGH! Please, if you have heard anything, that you were accepted or declined, I would love to know. I have this horrible feeling my application never was even seen :crying2: