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Hi everyone!

Im a little bummed today. I had called my school last night and was talking to them about their CNA class they offer so that I could begin work in the hospital while I get my ADN. Just something to get my foot in the door while Im in school.

Weellllll........... He told me he didn't want to discourage me from my dreams but I needed to know... that there are students that have been waiting 3 years or more to get into the ADN program.

What am I going to do now? I have waited so long to actually start going back to school and now it seems I'll be there forever.

I thought about this all night. My next option would be to go ahead and get my pre-reqs done but yet major in something else right now.... and still put my name in the list. Then I would already have them done - and can just jump right into Nursing. And at the same time already have a major in something and be working. I can't wait 3 years working as a CNA. Around here they barely get over min wage. Our min wage is 5.15 and they my make about 6 dollars or 6.50 here and there.

Now to my main question - It has to be in the medical field. What would you recommend that I look into that isn't so competitive?

For example -

Physical Therapist Assistant

Respiratory Therapy

Surgical Technology


Medical Assisting

I don't know alot about these and would love any opinion that you may have on any of these.

Or if you know of anything else that is interesting to any of you since you all know many of the positions in a hospital or medical facility.

Thank you all so much for your help!


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have you looked into any other schools around? i had the same problem here in ohio with the waiting list. i made two options to being that i am close enought to Pennsylvania for one of their diploma programs...i've applied and will take the test next week, and two, if i don't get into the one in PA there is an LPN school about an hour from where i live in ohio that if i go full time will take me 11 months, and then i can do an LPN to RN bridge program, and i won't have to be on the waiting list that long. it's not the end of the world, and though i'd like to just jump into the RN school if i can't then i'm giving myself some choices...just a thought! good luck!


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Brandie - the above poster has a good idea. When I went back to school (1990) I was told the waiting list was years long too. However, I did the LPN course and then did the LPN to ADN bridge. Would that be an option? Also - you might try to work as a medical transcriptionist while in school. Usually they pay more than minimum wage. Good luck - don't give up!

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Around here, pretty much all the health-oriented programs are pretty competitive to get into.

Have you tried checking around with other schools?

Try talking to nurse recruiter in HR. Tell him/her you are working on getting your nursing license and need a job in the interim. They may have ideas you have not thought of. Ours tries to put people into the system somewhere. My job is to help them progress from the entry level position to the one they "really" want (nurse, Rad tech, etc). This can take years, but the individual is working, knows that we are encouraging their personal growth and we develop a bond of sorts. Good luck!

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